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Cuthbert Simpkins Interviews on John Coltrane, 1971-1974 3 Linear Feet — 65 original audiocassettes (with CD use copies for patron access)

Author and medical doctor Cuthbert O. Simpkins (b. 1947) wrote the first biography of jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane (1926-1967), titled Coltrane: A Biography (Perth Amboy, NJ: Herndon House Publishers, 1975). The collection contains audio recordings of interviews Simpkins conducted with various family members, friends, and colleagues of Coltrane between 1971-1974 as a part of his research.

The Cuthbert Simpkins Interviews on John Coltrane comprises 65 audio cassettes of interviews conducted by Simpkins between 1971-1974 while researching his 1975 biography of Coltrane. Simpkins interviewed family members, friends, musicians, and other associates from throughout Coltrane's career. The interviews address such topics as: Coltrane's family history, his childhood in North Carolina, the development of his musical style, his influence on other musicians, and his personality. Many also contain personal anecdotes related to Coltrane from throughout his life. The materials include multiple interviews with Calvin Massey, Jimmy Garrison, Larry Young (Khalid Yasin), Ornette Coleman, and others. The audiocassettes have been digitized for patron access, and portions of some interviews have been transcribed, with the transcriptions included in the collection.

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David Tegnell Interviews on John Coltrane, 2003 0.6 Linear Feet — 2 audio microcassettes (with CD copies for patron use)

Author David Tegnell (b. 1946) has conducted significant research on the family history of jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane (1926-1967). As a part of this research, Tegnell has interviewed over fifteen relatives and associates of Coltrane; two of whom - Betty and Tim Jackson - are represented in the collection.

As a part of his research into Coltrane's family history, Tegnell has interviewed over fifteen relatives and associates of Coltrane. The collection currently comprises two interviews with Betty and Tim Jackson, who were childhood friends and classmates of Coltrane's, conducted on March 3 and 7, 2003. Topics include the social life and church history of High Point as well as anecdotes related to Coltrane's life and musical career. The interviews were originally recorded on two microcassettes, which are closed to patron use. CD use copies of the interviews are available for patron use.

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Frances Klein papers, 1929-2002 0.5 Linear Feet — 375 items

Frances Klein (b. October 19, 1915) is a female jazz musician who began her career in the early 1930s. She played trumpet in a number of jazz bands, most notably the all-female bands led by Irene Vermillion and Ina Ray Hutton. The collection contains materials compiled by Klein from throughout her musical career, consisting of clippings, posters, programs, and photographs of Klein and many other contemporary musicians.

The Frances Klein Papers contains materials compiled by Klein that relate to her career as a jazz trumpet player. The collection contains newspaper clippings, concert programs, and other promotional materials related to Klein's musical career from 1933 to 2002, including items from her time with bands led by Irene Vermillion and Ina Ray Hutton along with advertisements for Klein's own bands. Additionally, the collection includes photographs and images primarily related to Klein's musical career. These photographs include candid images and a large number of publicity shots from contemporary colleagues of Klein, including Irene Vermillion and Ina Ray Hutton.

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Author Linda Dahl wrote the first full-length biography of jazz pianist, arranger, composer, and educator Mary Lou Williams (1910-1981), titled Morning Glory: A Biography of Mary Lou Williams (1999). The Linda Dahl Collection on Mary Lou Williams contains materials compiled by Dahl in researching the Williams biography, including newspaper and magazine clippings, correspondence, photographs and transparency strips, concert programs, and a variety of financial and foundation records.

The Linda Dahl Collection on Mary Lou Williams contains materials compiled by Dahl in researching her 1999 biography of Williams. The collection features newspaper and magazine clippings on Williams; letters from Williams to her friend Joyce Breach regarding Williams's concert tours and other travels, Roman Catholicism, the business of jazz, and Williams's medical ailments; as well as letters to Breach from other of Williams's associates. One folder of miscellaneous correspondence by Williams primarily relates to the planning of jazz concerts and to Williams's work with the Bel Canto Foundation and the Charlie Parker Memorial Fund. The collection also contains a selection of records related to the Mary Lou Williams Foundation; thirteen photographs and four transparency strips of Williams; a folder of concert programs featuring Williams or her compositions; and six miscellaneous publications, primarily on music, from throughout Williams's lifetime.

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Paul Jeffrey was a saxophonist who performed as a member of Thelonious Monk's band from 1970 to 1976. The collection contains audio recordings of Monk's concerts from the 1970s made by saxophonist Paul Jeffrey.

In March 1970, Monk hired saxophonist Paul Jeffrey to join his working band for a six-day run at the Frog and Nightgown club in Raleigh, N.C. Jeffrey continued performing and touring with Monk through 1976, when Monk ceased his public appearances. Jeffrey made personal open reel audio recordings of many of the concerts, and fourteen of the surviving reels comprise this collection.

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Pee Wee Moore papers, 1945-2009 3 Linear Feet — 500 Items

"Pee Wee" (Numa Smith) Moore (born Raleigh, N.C., 5 March 1928; died Raleigh, N.C., 13 April 2009) was a professional jazz saxophonist, who performed and recorded with musicians including Louis Jordan, Illinois Jacquet, James Moody, Dizzy Gillespie, and Mary Lou Williams. The Pee Wee Moore Papers contain materials created and collected by Moore from throughout his career as a jazz saxophonist, including photographs, newspapaer clippings and other paper materials, as well as audio and moving image recordings of concerts, rehearsals, and oral history interviews.

The Pee Wee Moore Papers contain materials created and collected by Moore from throughout his career as a jazz saxophonist. Materials are arranged into three categories: photographs, clippings and miscellaneous materials, and audio and moving image materials. Photographs include professional and candid pictures of Moore from throughout his life with images of jazz musicians including Dizzy Gillespie and James Moody. There are a large amount of clippings concerning Moore's life as a saxophonist, with a particular emphasis on his time performing with Louis Jordan, as well as manuscript drafts of jazz lead sheets. The collection also contains A/V materials including concert and rehearsal recordings from the 1980s along with oral history recordings related to Moore's life.