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Aden Field is an author and poet from Durham, North Carolina, who co-founded the Regulator along with other Durham community organizations. This collection consists of his journals, writings, postcard collections, community projects and files, and his collection of correspondence and writings from friends and family. It documents his friendships and relationships, Durham community events and activities, and his career as a writer and teacher in North Carolina.

This collection includes Field's correspondence, writings, journals, postcard binders, and files from his management and work at The Regulator, Collaborations, Black Mountain Project, Urban Hiker, and several local arts councils and youth writing programs. Materials have been sorted into series but largely remain labeled and foldered according to Field's own arrangement scheme.

Field's Journals Series contain incredibly detailed chapters of his life, which were created and re-typed by Field as a project in the 1990s. Early journals are volumes 1-4; he began titling them in the 1980s. Entries include his daily activities, Durham news, horoscope (I Ching), financial spending, and introspective analysis of his thoughts, writings, and relationships. Binders are dated and sorted by date, YYMMDD.

Field's postcard binders project began in the 1990s to assemble a Book of Men, featuring postcards of images of men in art from art galleries around the world. Other binders he created included postcards documenting American society and culture from the nineteenth century through the 1990s. He also created a Book of Women and collected assorted postcards that remain unassembled into binders, all held in this series.

Field's writings range from poetry to plays to prose, and the Writings Series includes drafts and published versions arranged in both chronological and alphabetical files. The chron files are dated YYMMDD. The alphabetical files are arranged by title.

Field's many businesses and projects are sorted by group name, with some groups' files containing only one or two items and some groups filling an entire box (see especially Collaborations, The Regulator, and Urban Hiker). These files include correspondence, publications, board minutes, notes by Field, and account ledgers. Field served as treasurer for many Durham organizations. Personal tax and investment information has been removed when identified.

The Name and Correspondence Files document Field's personal relationships and his communications as an author and community activist. Files are not strictly correspondence; some include artwork, writings, and publications, including zines and newsletters. Materials are filed by author/creator.

Finally, Field's personal materials include childhood and adolescent scrapbooks and yearbooks; photographs and snapshots with friends and family; headshots and portraits of Field; and personal accounting and financial ledgers.

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Will Inman papers, 1910-2009 69.5 Linear Feet — 42,754 Items

The correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, clippings, and printed material in the Will Inman Papers span from 1939-1999, and serve to document the life and literary career of the poet, essayist, editor, educator, and publisher.

Inman was a prolific corespondent and maintained regular correspondent relationships with his friends and family, as well as with his readers and other editors and authors. He also regularly wrote to political and social figures during the 1960s. These letters to public and political figures express admiration and voice concerns about political events and social conditions. Inman protested in favor of civil rights, ending the war in Vietnam, and various environmental causes, and his letters reflect his thoughts and opinions on these subjects. Inman was also in regular contact with the editors and publishers of various literary magazines and the letters to these individuals document his efforts to publish his work. The collection holds many of Inman's out going correspondence as he regularly kept copies of his own letters.

Inman's copious diaries provide almost daily detail of his life from 1950-1994. In his diaries Inman recorded daily events, poetic inspirations, and his responses to world events. The diaries also include information about the poetry he is working on and several include typescripts of completed poems.

Inman also kept detailed records concerning his completed writings. He kept typescript copies of his poems and other writings, ordering them chronologically into notebooks, and recording publication information onto the typescripts. In organizing this collection, Inman's notebooks were discarded, but the typescripts maintain the order they held while bound in the notebooks, and serve to provide a chronological overview of Inman's published and unpublished writings.

This collection also contains copies of several of the anthologies and literary magazines where Inman published his work and several of the poetic monographs that Inman authored.

Inman regularly published his early work in newspapers in North Carolina. The collection contains clippings of these early published works as well as clippings of Inman's mid 1960's newspaper column "Conchsounds in the Hills."

There are also photographs of the McGirt family from ca. 1910, chiefly mounted in albums, as well as Inman's baby book from 1923. (16 accessions from 1998 and 1999) (35,475 items, 59 linear feet; dated 1910-1999)

The addition (accession #2001-0195) (1676 items, 2.7 linear feet; dated 1940-2001, bulk 1976-2001) comprises mainly personal correspondence to and from Inman and Jimmy Santiago Baca, 1971-1995, including typescript poetry. It also includes typescript poetry by Inman as Bill McGirt, 1940-1956; other poetry by Inman; professional correspondence; and a journal kept by Inman, 2000-2001.

The addition (accession #2002-0143) (2250 items, 3.60 linear feet; dated 1982-2001) consists primarily of incoming and outgoing personal correspondence. Topics include Inman's poems, publication work, and his political activites. There is also poetry and prose by Inman and others, and 20 black-and-white and 148 color photographs.

The addition (accession# 2003-0124 and 2003-0181)(2775 items, 3.6 linear feet; dated 1957-2003, bulk 1970-1989) contains published and unpublished typescript poetry written by Will Inman. Also includes literary newsletters, periodicals and brochures; a notebook containing poetry, biographical information and professional correspondence; and a paperweight.

Addition (2009-0263) (500 items, 0.6 lin. ft.; dated 1976-2009) includes correspondence, poetry by Inman and others, press releases and reviews, official documents (such as his birth certificate, insurance information, and medical documents), and materials from Inman's death and funeral.