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This series chronicles Franklin's work as a professor of history. It includes materials documenting his role as a mentor and advisor to numerous undergraduate and graduate students, his lecture notes and other classroom materials, and his administrative and committee work at various institutions. Student Files make up a significant portion of the series. Franklin kept files on particular students, arranged by name, from Brooklyn College or the University of Chicago. Teaching Materials consists largely of general lecture notes from various courses Franklin taught through his career. The Colleges and Universities subseries has been arranged by school, with the majority of files stemming from Franklin's work at Brooklyn College, University of Cambridge, University of Chicago, and Duke University. This subseries includes materials relating to Franklin's appointments and employment as well as department and university-level correspondence, events, and committees.


This series includes material documenting Banham's research and teaching in three countries; her contributions in the areas of child psychology and geriatrics, particularly human social and emotional development; functioning and development of children with cerebral palsy and mental or physical disabilities; the history and especially the development of psychological testing of children and adults; and parapsychological phenomena.

Note: materials in this series may use outdated terms such as "mentally retarded" to refer to people, especially children, with mental disabilities. These terms appear in some folder titles.


This series contains administrative records. Subseries in this series have been organized by their accession numbers. An accession number is assigned to materials as they are transferred into the archives and is based on the year of transfer. Please contact the University Archives if you have questions.


This series contains research and preparation materials used in publishing Robert Hill's Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers, American Volumes I-VII (1846-1940). The series chronicles Garvey's life in Jamaica, his travels through the Caribbean, the founding and evolution of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in the United States, and his fraud conviction, deportation to Jamaica, and eventual death in England. This series also includes Hill's Annotated and Indexed Subjects for the unpublished Volume VIII of the series, which covers Africa.

Box 1

Includes offers and product descriptions for Prekonsol Vaginal Paste, Anchor Brand Oxygen Crystals, French Pills for delay, Anchor Brand Vaginal Suppositories, Anchor Brand Antiseptic tablets, and French Periodic Pills the monthly regulator.


The Archaeology series contains pamphlets, offprints, extracts, and many illustrated pieces. It is a small group of 233 pamphlets.

Of importance are the pamphlets concerning numismatics, particular excavations during the nineteenth century, papyrus studies, ancient art, and Italian ceramics. There is even an unusual and probably rare guide to the pornographic artifacts in the Museum of Archeology in Naples.

Authors of interest include Medea Norsa, a well-known papyrologist of the nineteenth century, Luigi Pernier, Corrado Ricci, Giuseppe Gerola, Guido Ferrari, Santi Muratori, Astorre Pellegrini, E. Teza, Luigi Milani, Luigi Rizzoli, Settimio Severo, and Luigi Chiappelli.

Related subjects and areas of overlap are found in the Italian Art series and perhaps in the history-related subject areas.


Includes a newspaper clipping announcing Jesse Harrison Epperson's appointment to the Durham, N.C. Health Department in 1915, and several resolutions and obituaries from 1954 that commemorate his origins and his 43-year career in the Department, along with other clippings and a certificate. Additional materials related to his career can be found in the Clippings series and Photographs series.


Arranged in the following subseries named after North Carolina Mutual departments and offices: Actuary, Agency in Force, Auditing, Controller, Corporate Planning, Executive Committee, Facilities, Medical Department, Office of the President, Public Relations, and Personnel Files (closed). There is also an oversize section at the end of each subseries or smaller subgrouping. The Office of the President Series holds the records from the following presidents: William J. Kennedy, Jr., Asa T. Spaulding, Sr., Joseph W. Goodloe, William J. Kennedy, III, and Bert Collins. Company office functions and spaces are also represented in other formats in the Exhibits, Photographic Material, Memorabilia and Artifacts, and Recordings Series.