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David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

The holdings of the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library range from ancient papyri to records of modern advertising. There are over 10,000 manuscript collections containing more than 20 million individual manuscript items. Only a portion of these collections and items are discoverable on this site. Others may be found in the library catalog.

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Writings by Chappell Series, 1960-1997 and undated

Divided into the following genre subseries: Fiction, Poetry, Essays, Reviews, Speeches and Addresses, and Miscellaneous. Additionally, one subseries based on format, Notebooks, should be consulted to ensure seeing all versions of an item in any genre. Each subseries is alphabetized by title, with multiple drafts of individual works arranged, to the extent it can be determined, in order of composition. With all of Chappell's writings it should be noted that he seldom dates his work, so often the only clues to the date of composition are the date of publication and the date the Library received a particular accession. This latter is noted in brackets on many items as [Rec'd date]. The date in boldface after the titles of books is the original publication date.

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Miscellaneous Series, ca. 1960-1997 and undated

Various material about Chappell's personal and professional life, including: bibliographies; publicity material about or from organizations of which he is an officer or member; genealogical research; samples of fan mail; and audiovisual materials containing readings by and interviews with Chappell as well as materials sent to him by other writers. Organized in three subseries: Personal and Professional Papers, Audio Materials, and Video Materials. For clippings about Chappell's works, see Printed Materials Series, Clippings Subseries.

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Writings by Others Series, 1966-1997 and undated

Arranged alphabetically by author. Contains manuscripts, typescripts, proofs, and printed material sent by other authors to Chappell. The writers include colleagues, current and former students, editors and writers sending the work of a third person(s), and fans. In general, writings sent as attachments to letters appear in the Correspondence Series, Incoming Correspondence Subseries; the writings that appear here are items sent separately, with only brief notes, or items such as complete drafts of books that were too large to be foldered as an attachment to correspondence.

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Accessions, 1993-2021

Annual additions to the Fred Chappell Papers that have been processed to varying degrees - these materials are available for research but description and physical condition is inconsistent. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence (at times in original envelopes); writings and drafts by Chappell; materials from various events, publications, engagements, and organizational commitments he held; and writings by others, often including Chappell's annotations or responses drafted on the packaging. Other items may include audiovisual and electronic records, artwork, ephemera, or souvenirs. Arranged and boxed by accession.