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Anna Schwartz papers, 1929-2012 23 Linear Feet — 0.08 Gigabytes — 17500 Items

Economist at the National Bureau of Economic Research and collaborator with Milton Friedman on numerous works, including A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960. Schwartz also served as the executive director of the United States Gold Commission from 1981 to 1982. Collection consists largely of Schwartz's professional materials, including economics research and subject files on monetary policy, gold, the Federal Reserve, currency, and the 2008 Financial Crisis; collaborations with other economists; correspondence, largely professional but including some personal letters; Gold Commission materials from the 1980s; Shadow Open Market Committee materials; and writings, including lectures and articles by Schwartz. Another significant part of the collection is the Milton Friedman series, which includes correspondence, writings, and other materials relating to Friedman and his work.

The Anna Schwartz Papers consists largely of Schwartz's professional materials and has been divided into 9 series and 1 file: Correspondence, Personal Materials, Conferences, Subject and Research Files, Writings, Gold Commission, Shadow Open Market Committee, Milton Friedman Materials, Writings by Others, and Electronic Materials.

Schwartz's Correspondence ranges from her college years through 2012, with the majority of material dating from the 2000s. Correspondence has been arranged chronologically and largely reflects Schwartz's research interests and collaborations with other economists. Particularly in her later years, Schwartz saved various email forwards and printouts on news and economics sent from her correspondents, and those materials are also kept in the Correspondence series. Milton Friedman's correspondence is held in the Milton Friedman Series.

Another significant portion of the collection is Schwartz's Subject and Research Files, which include materials on economics, monetary policy, banking, various countries, the Federal Reserve and its many activities, foreign exchange rates and intervention, currency, and many other miscellaneous topics. This series has been arranged alphabetically and has overlaps with other series in the collection, including Schwartz's Writings and Correspondence series.

The majority of Schwartz's Writings series related to various lectures and articles by Schwartz, although the series does contain some drafts and edited works from Schwartz's books as well as accompanying material such as appendices or editor correspondence. It has been arranged chronologically, with Schwartz's book reviews consolidated at the beginning of the series. Writings by Friedman, including collaborations between Friedman and Schwartz, are housed in the Milton Friedman Series.

Writings By Others is large series that includes drafts and final versions of articles collected or sent to Schwartz by colleagues. Most of these relate to Schwartz's research interests. This series also includes reader reports by Schwartz for various articles. It has been arranged alphabetically by author.

Three series reflect Schwartz's professional service. The Conferences Series reflects Schwartz's attendance and involvement in various economic conferences throughout her career. It is arranged alphabetically by conference. The Shadow Open Market Committee Series is a small series reflecting her service on the committee in the 2000s. It includes meeting materials as well as papers presented by Schwartz and other committee members. The Gold Commission Series encompasses materials from Schwartz's service as executive director of the Gold Commission from 1981 to 1982, and includes reports and research materials on gold and the gold standard; drafts, comments, and copies of the final report; and correspondence from the committee and the general public on issues regarding gold.

The Milton Friedman Materials Series includes all materials in the Schwartz Papers that relate to Milton Friedman and Schwartz's work with him, including joint writings and collaborations. Correspondence from Friedman is housed in this series. It also includes a large number of Friedman's writings, such as his columns for Newsweek and Wall Street Journal, and articles and talks by Friedman that Schwartz collected over the years. Some of these were drafts or working papers sent to Schwartz by Friedman for comments. Another portion of the series is the Writings About Friedman sub-series, which includes news clippings, essays, Nobel Prize coverage, and obituaries and memorials.

The Personal Materials Series includes Schwartz's Barnard College materials, interviews and clippings about Schwartz, versions of her curriculum vitae, and her date books from the 1950s through the 2000s.

The Electronic Materials File includes files received from Schwartz's office at the National Bureau of Economic Research office in New York City. The electronic materials cover professional and personal papers of Anna Schwartz, including correspondence, conference files, research files, writing drafts, writings, newspaper clippings, photos, and her bio/CV.

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Homer Jones papers, 1928-1986 1.5 Linear Feet — 600 Items

Chiefly professional papers of Jones, but also includes some materials of his wife Alice Hanson Jones, and University of Iowa professor Frank Hyneman Knight, relating to their careers as economists. Includes correspondence, printed material, and writings and speeches that relate to Jones's advocacy of monetarist economic theory, the Korean economy, and work for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Shadow Open Market Committee.