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In 1990, Bridget Booher began research on Duke alum, Sheldon Robert Harte, for a final paper for her history course. Harte worked as a secretary and security guard for Leon Trotsky. Harte was killed following a raid of the Trotsky compound in 1940. This collection contains Booher's research materials including correspondence from alumni with recollections of Harte, Booher's notes, and copies of Harte's submissions to the literary magazine, The Archive.

Collection contains materials related to Booher's research on Sheldon Robert Harte. This includes correspondence from alumni containing recollections of Harte during his time at Duke University, Booher's research notes and materials, Harte's Duke transcript, and the written works Harte published in The Archive.

The Student Photograph Album is a scrapbook of 100 black and white photographs, by an unidentified photographer, of students and scenes at Duke University and in North Carolina as well as images of Virginia, Niagara Falls, and unidentified locations. Many images have captions and identifying information and appear to all date between 1934-1936.

The student photograph is one scrapbook consisting of 22 pages with a total of 100 black and white photographs. The photographs include images of students and buildings at Duke University, especially the Duke Chapel; groups and families, including groups of children; crop fields in North Carolina; beaches and monuments in Virginia including Virginia Beach; Niagara Falls; and several men sunbathing in underwear or posing nude. Many of the photographs have captions identifying people or groups by name, sometimes with first and last names, and/or giving locations. The photographer or creator of the scrapbook is depicted in several photographs but not identified by name; his identity is unknown.

Jay Carl Anderson was a Duke University student from 1974 to 1978 and freelance photographer who photographed Duke scenes and athletic events as well as politicians and scenes around Durham and North Carolina. He also served as the editor of the 1978 Chanticleer (Duke University's yearbook). The Jay Carl Anderson Photographs and Papers include images of Anderson's time at Duke, particularly images of East and West campus, athletic events (particularly Duke men's basketball), and Duke students. The collection also includes images of United States Presidents and Presidential Campaigns (particularly Jimmy Carter and the 1976 Democratic National Convention), as well as scenes around Durham, and locations inside and outside of North Carolina.

The Jay Carl Anderson Photographs and Papers include images of Duke University, Durham, Duke athletic events, and many other subjects taken by Jay Anderson throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

The collection includes a large number of photographs taken by Jay Anderson during his time as a student at Duke University in the 1970s, particularly images of the Duke campus, Duke athletic events, and related topics for the 1978 Chanticleer. Also included are images taken in and around Durham after Anderson graduated from Duke, images of politicians and political activity at the national and state level, and locations and events outside of North Carolina. The collection also includes student materials from Anderson's time at Duke and correspondence and publications related to his work as a freelance photographer.

Topics and individuals depicted include Duke's East and West Campus, Duke Blue Devils men's basketball games, student life at Duke in the late 1970s, Duke athletic events, and scenes around Durham and North Carolina. The collection also includes images of politicians such as United States Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, the 1976 Democratic National Convention, politicians Jesse Jackson, George Wallace, and Walter Mondale, and many other subjects.

The photographs were divided by format and did not include a system to match the same image in different formats. Many negatives were grouped into folders with topical labels, while many others were individually labeled by roll or completely unlabeled. Some negatives were still rolled and uncut, and have been cut to fit into sleeves. Many unlabeled negatives were grouped into labeled folders. Many slides were in labeled containers, while others were sleeved and grouped into folders. Some negatives and slides may contain further identifying information for individual rolls or pages that are not included in folder titles. Most prints were unlabeled, and have been grouped into labeled folders. Some individual prints, likely submitted for publication to clients such as the New York Times, include descriptive captions identifying individuals, events, and/or dates. Not all negatives or slides are represented in prints, and a few prints may not have corresponding negatives or slides.

Photographs taken for the American Dance Festival during Anderson's tenure as official ADF photographer are held at the American Dance Festival Archives.

Emeline K. Leinbach Armstrong graduated from Duke University in 1937. In March of 1936, she participated in a sociology field trip touring Carolina Lowcountry. The collection includes an itinerary and roster, notes, and photographs from the trip.

Consists of materials relating to the 1936 sociology field trip. This includes an annotated itinerary and roster, loose pages of handwritten notes, photographs, and a newspaper clipping. Itinerary and notes list tours of plantations and gardens in South Carolina, Penn School, North Carolina State Normal School for Negroes at Fayetteville, and discussions with plantation owners, speakers, and faculty about southern agriculture. The itinerary focuses on plantations, and the notes and clipping appear to emphasize a romantic view of the antebellum South and plantation culture. In the notes, Armstrong writes, "Negroes picking radishes in fields. Very picturesque. Negroes descendants freed slaves on same plantation sang spirituals for us on the porch. Lovely old-fashioned home." In the newsclipping, the writer describes, "In spite of the encroachments of modernity, unmistakable signs of the old south were everywhere evident- ... groups of negroes working in the fields, colorfully dressed in bright aprons with brilliant bandanas about their heads, white washed slave quarters, deserted rice fields...." Photographs contain images of African American agricultural laborers, Cypress Gardens, Magnolia Gardens, St. Helena Island, and plantations. Also contains a Penn School, St. Helena Island greeting card.

Timothy S. Baker Photographs is a collection of photographic materials created by Timothy Baker during his time as a student of Trinity College. The collection spans 1965 to 1971 with the bulk of material dating from 1969 to 1971. It consists of contact sheets, negatives, and slides depicting Duke's campus, sports events, performances, guest speakers, and student protests. Photographed events include the Allen building takeover and the Kent State shootings protests.

This collection consists of contact sheets, 35mm negative film strips and color slides. Most of the negatives are in black and white with some in color. The creator assigned alphanumeric labels to the rolls of negative film (stored as strips) and slides. These labels and the original order of the materials by labels have been retained. Contact sheets are annotated with the label and dates that correspond to a roll of negatives or set of slides by the creator. Any items with no labels are kept in the order in which they were received.

The photographs in the collection document student activism, sports events, guest speakers, performances, and life on Duke's campus. Photographs also contain depictions of the campus and the city of Durham. Images of note include the Allen building takeover; the Silent Vigil of 1968; protests of the Kent State shootings and the United States' involvement in the war in Southeast Asia; guest speaker Allen Ginsberg; and the inauguration of Terry Sanford. The collection spans 1965 to 1971 with the bulk of the material dating from 1969 to 1971.

A brief item description is provided for each contact sheet and color slide as written by the creator with a few edits from the archivist. Note: While there is a contact sheet for roll F-5b in the collection, the negatives are not in the collection.

Virginia Passmore Beaujean, a native of Nottingham, Pennsylvania, was a 1942 graduate of the Woman's College at Duke University. She was a member of the Kappa Sigma sorority, the Freshman "Y" Council, the Sophomore "Y" Council, the Woman's Glee Club, and was named to the Dean's List her Freshman and Sophomore years. The scrapbook contains clippings, programs, catalogs, and other ephemera. Also present are artifacts and other assorted memorabilia. Due to its brittle condition the scrapbook has been disassembled with each page housed in a separate folder.

The scrapbook contains material pertaining to Beaujean's experience as a student of the Woman's College at Duke University with inclusive dates of 1938-1942. Material present includes material retained by Beaujean from Oxford High School in Nottingham, Pennsylvania including grade reports, her letter of admission to Duke, athletic and theatre ticket stubs and books, invitations and calling cards, Sigma Kappa sorority material, newspaper and magazine clippings, programs, and several artifacts.

Additional material includes a Women's Athletic Association Handbook, and Order of Service for Duke University Church, a program for the Southern High School Invitational Basketball Tournament played at Duke Gymnasium in 1940, and numerous receipts showing tuition, room and board, and laboratory fees. Also worthy of note is an October 18, 1938 letter from the President of Jarvis residence hall noting Beaujean's continuing disregard for the 11:30 PM lights-off rule and potential appearance before the House Committee if neglect continues. Due to brittle pages, the scrapbook had been disassembled and individual pages foldered separately.

Margaret Bennett was a 1930 graduate of the Woman's College of Duke University and involved with numerous student groups and organizations including the Student Government Council. Album contains photographic prints and negatives of scenes of student life in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Album contains photographs that document student life in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Photographs include formal portraits, candid snapshots taken on what is today East Campus, and baseball players in uniform.


Reverend Dr. Clarice M. Bowman papers, 1928-1931 0.5 Linear Feet — 500 Items

Reverend Clarice M. Bowman, a Duke alumnus, served in several student religious volunteer organizations during her time as a student. She was one of the first women to receive a degree from the School of Religion. The collection includes printed material and form letters concerning student organizations. The collection ranges in date from 1928-1931.

Contains primarily printed material and form letters concerning the Student Volunteer Movement, the YWCA, other related religious organizations, and the Methodist Episcopal Church. As a Duke student, Rev. Bowman was active in North Carolina chapters of these movements, and the papers provide information regarding student religious life and activity in the period. The collection ranges in date from 1928-1931.


Bill Bramberg collection, 1955-1956 1.5 Linear Feet — approx. 19 items

Bill Bramberg graduated from Duke University in 1957. The collection includes clippings, photographs, LPs, and Hoof'n'Horn memorabilia.

The collection includes clippings and photographs regarding the 1955 Hoof'n'Horn production of "Laughing at You," as well as a telegram, Joe College brochure, and LPs of Hoof'n'Horn productions. The collection ranges in date from 1955-1956.


Ruth S. Breece scrapbook, 1935-1936 1.3 Linear Feet — 1 Item

Ruth Schoenberger was an undergraduate student at Duke University from 1935 to 1939. The topics of the scrapbook include social and academic life at Duke, women at Duke, dormitory housing, the Woman's College, and campus scenes. The scrapbook ranges in date from 1935-1939.

Contains photographs of Breece's life on and off campus during the years 1935-1939.