Sabina Allred Allen Collection of Carl Corley papers, 1942-1946, 1999-2002

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The Sabina Allred Allen Collection of Carl Corley papers consists of love letters written from Corley to Sabina during World War II, as well as artwork that Corley produced for Sabina during the war. The artwork accompanied Corley's letters but was separated from them prior to arriving at Duke. The letters frequently state how much Corley misses and loves Sabina, as well as their plans for engagement, marriage, and living together after the war. Many of the letters and envelopes were lightly annotated by Sabina, and some of the envelopes did not have any contents.

This colelction also includes correspondence from Corley to Sabina dated 1999 through 2002, during which time Corley was working on an illustrated autobiography. It seems that Corley reconnected with Sabina because he needed her help reconstructing parts of his story. These letters contain requests for images and artwork, and they also discuss Corley's life, his dog, politics, diets, and the health of family members. Many of the letters from this later time period contain racist diatribes against Black Americans, as well as offensive language and stereotypes. Like the World War II-era material, these envelopes were annotated by Sabina.

Also included in this collection is a small amount of correspondence from Corley to Sabina's parents, from Corley's mother to Sabina, and from Sabina to Corley.


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