Capri, Ethiopia, Nairobi, Kenya, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and safari, 1971 October

41.16 minutes
Scope and content:

RL10157-FS8-0001 Capri - Ethiopia - Nairobi, Kenya - Cape Town - Johannesburg - Safari, October 1971 Reversal original, Super 8mm, silent, color 41.16 minutes

• flowers on windowsill, landscape from window • sign: "Servizio Motoscafi per la Grotta Azzurra" • street scenes, including Bar Grotta Azzurra • boats at dock • street scenes, including street vendor • boats and buildings along shore • close up on sign: "Servizio Motoscafi per la Grotta Azzurra / Andata e ritorno L. 300 • buildings near water, on cliff • beach from a distance • men on dock working with net • boats in harbor • woman fills bucket with water at spigot • street scenes, including cafes and shops • Dorothy sits near bottom of stairs • ships on the water • Dorothy and friend? walk with crowd toward camera • high-angle shots of people in canoes, boats near La Grotta Azzurra • people exit canoes, line for canoe rides • Dorothy and friend? in canoe • views of landscape • exteriors of a villa? • Dorothy under a covered walkway • views of landscape • walkway flanked by trees • sign: "San Michele di Axel Munthe" • Dorothy walks out of doorway • plaque about Axel Munthe (in Italian) • two people tend to garden • café • clock tower • street scenes, including Dorothy • building: Hotel Quisiana • scenes at the dock, includes sign: "Diretto Sorrento" • Dorothy and friends wait with luggage • views of harbor and boats, shot from boat • garden or park? in Ethiopia • buildings • street scenes • crowd on hillside • livestock • street scenes, including Dorothy, people gathering? at roundabout • two men shake hands • well-dressed young people line-up • plaque: in Amharic? • plaque: "His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie the First Emperor of Ethiopia In Order to Promote and Improve the Services of Posts and Telecommunications for the Benefit of His People Inaugurated These Buildings on This 2nd Day of November 1969 on the Thirty Ninth Year of His Reign" • exteriors of buildings • sign: "Minister of State" • street scenes, construction • exteriors of building, parking lot • street scenes, crowd gathered • Dorothy amongst the crowd • crowd gathered around street performance • sign: "Terefe Guta House Rent & Real Estate Broker" • exteriors of buildings, street scenes • close-up on painting, underexposed • Ethiopian flag flaps in distance, behind trees • scenes of impoverished area • buildings, mountains off in the distance • lion statue • man in traditional clothing • H.I.M. Menelik mausoleum • statue • exterior shots of unidentified building • close-ups on stained glass with religious motifs • building under construction? • exteriors of unidentified buildings, gardens • Dorothy walks toward the camera • sign: "Haile Selassie I University" • exteriors of buildings, presumably at the university • Dorothy on the roadside, sign behind her reads: "You are now entering Kenya" • sign: "Nairobi Hebrew Congregation Services" • exteriors of synagogue • street scenes • sign: "University of Nairobi" • exteriors of unidentified buildings • Dorothy walks around sculpture, toward camera • close-ups of sculptures • plaque: "In grateful remembrance of Dr. R.K. Yajnik" • exteriors of buildings • building: University of Nairobi • street scenes • creek • cityscape • giraffes • sign: "White Grass Ridge / Beware of Lions" • zebras, other wildlife • scenes from the savanna • primates (baboons?), one sits on the hood of a car • hippos in the water • locals and tourists on a path • antelope? • sign: "Hyaena Dam / Narogomon Dam" • ostrich • lioness walks from behind van • landscape shots • warthogs • gazelle? • running ostrich • giraffe • city skyline, buildings • sign: "Golden City Hotel" • street scenes • sign: "Jewish Guild War Memorial" (Johannesburg, South Africa?) • street scenes • building with scaffolding • street scenes, exteriors of buildings • Hotel Monte Carlo • Barclays Bank • men loading cargo • Tollman Towers • street scenes • Dorothy window-shops • street scenes, including Foschini, Woolworths • skyline of Johannesburg? • Dorothy and friends in a neighborhood • street scenes • Johannesburg airport • clouds, countryside, towns from plane • plane lands in Cape Town? • skyline • street scenes • teacher and schoolgirls walk by • sign on truck: Katz & Co. / High Class Confectioners / Wedding Cakes & Pastries our Specialty • bus, street scenes • traffic cop directs traffic outside of the Board of Executors • exteriors of unidentified building • street scenes, exteriors of buildings • sign: "Twenty Four Hours of Prayer for Racial Harmony in St. Georges Cathedral" • Houses of Parliament in Cape Town • statue of Victoria R.I. • sign: "Government Ave" • garden, men working near statue • sign: "Art-Gallery / Museum" • unidentified church? • Table Mountain • aerial view of Cape Town, including the harbor • Jameson Memorial Hall • Dorothy at University of Cape Town? • young people on lawn, steps • chauffeur leans against black car • young people on lawn, steps • cars parked on street • sign: "University of Cape Town" • unidentified structure on hillside • street scenes, buildings • boat: Good Hope Castle • industrial scenes of port • billboard for Ackermans, "A family friendly store where you get... Value for your Money" • people, boats in Cape Town harbor and port • building: Port Offices - Hawekantore • seagulls • boat: H. Sawyer, Cape Town • street scenes • aerial views of city and surrounding area, including the ocean • Dorothy and man look out at city • plaque: "This cornerstone was placed in position in the House of God at sea point Cape Town by the right Hon. J.C. Smuts P.C., M.P., Minister of Justice" • exteriors of buildings, close-up on door • Castle of Good Hope • sign: "Visitors to the Castle / William Fehr Collection Military Museum / Enquiries" • café • school group walks past the camera • aerial views of oceanfront and ocean, city and mountains • sign: "Chapmans Peak" • sign: "Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve" • scenery shot from moving car • sign: "Cape Town 37" • monkeys? peek in through vent on bus • Dorothy poses with ocean in background • sign: "Whites / Men & Women / Toilets" • people climb hill toward unidentified building • sign: "Toilets / Non Whites / Men & Women" • sign: "Viewpoint" • views of cliffs, ocean • unidentified building on hilltop


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