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Don't Send Me Flowers When I'm Dead: Audiocassettes: Interviewees: Cross Reference List

The following is a cross reference list of audiocassettes that contain interviews with more than one person. For example to listen to the interview with Aiken, retrieve the audiocassette listed under Garrett. To be sure all audiocassettes relating to a particular person have been retrieved, look at both lists.


  1. Aiken see Garrett
  2. Aiken, L. see Riley
  3. Ball see Chambers
  4. Ball, Polly see Mangum, Ella
  5. Ball, Polly see Tilley, Joyce
  6. Blalock, Sallie see Riley
  7. Blalock see Wilson
  8. Blalock see Garrett
  9. Dr. Brieger see Tilley
  10. Briggs, Nanny see Chambers, Walter
  11. Bullock (married) see Riley
  12. Bullock, Jonah see Satterfield, Hattie
  13. Chambers, Walter see McBride, Julie
  14. Chambers (married) see Riley
  15. Clayton, Ethel see Harris, Betty Lee
  16. Clayton see Wilson
  17. Clayton see Riley
  18. Crabtree see Riley
  19. Crabtree see McBride, Julie
  20. Daniel see Yancey
  21. Garrett, James see Satterfield, Hattie
  22. Harris, Myrtle see Tilley, Joyce
  23. Harris, Myrtle see Mangum, Ella
  24. Heron, Becky and Duncan see Jeffries, Lattie G.
  25. Hill, Betty see Satterfield, Hattie
  26. Hill see Chambers
  27. Hill see Harris, Betty Lee
  28. Ing see Yancey
  29. Ivy see Williams
  30. Jeffries, Lattie see Mangum, Ella
  31. Jeffries, M. see Tilley, Joyce
  32. Jeffries see Garrett
  33. Jordan, Hattie see Satterfield, Hattie
  34. Jordan see Harris, Betty Lee
  35. Lipscomb, Earlie see Terry, Lillian
  36. Littrell, Julie see Terry, Lillian
  37. Littrell see Riley
  38. Lunsford see Garrett
  39. Lunsford see Wilson
  40. Lyons, Maynard see McBride, Julie
  41. Lyons see Riley
  42. Mangum, Wade see Riley
  43. Mangum see Harris, Betty Lee
  44. McBride, Julie see Chambers, Wilcie
  45. McBride see Chambers
  46. McCrea, Viola see Ball, Annie
  47. McCrea see Garrett
  48. Morris see Briggs, Nannie
  49. Mpazakis see Williams
  50. Parrish, Hattie Bell see Satterfield, Hattie
  51. Rigsbee, Otis see Chambers, Walter
  52. Rigsbee see Ellis, Vesta
  53. Roberts, Nanny see Ball, Annie
  54. Roberts see Tilley
  55. Satterfield see Chambers
  56. Taylor, Mary see Terry, Lillian
  57. Taylor, Mary M. see Riley
  58. Thacker-Cancer see Riley and UNC students
  59. Tilley, John see McBride, Julie
  60. Tilley, Joyce see Ball, Annie
  61. Turrentine, Mattie see McBride, Julie
  62. Umstead, Emma see Chambers, Wilcie
  63. Umstead, Vertie (Epilogue) see Tilley
  64. Wilkins see Chambers
  65. Williams see Chambers and Wilson
  66. Wilson see Garrett
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Audiocassettes: Interviewees: (The number 2 after several names indicates there are 2 audiocassettes containing that person's interview.)


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