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Paul Jeffrey papers, 1969-2006

145 Linear Feet Approximately 3500 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Paul H. Jeffrey was a saxophonist, composer, arranger, and educator. The Paul Jeffrey Papers have as their focal point nearly 1,400 manuscript scores and parts that Jeffrey composed or arranged for big band jazz ensemble, primarily for the Duke Jazz Ensemble. Also present are audio and moving image materials, photographs and posters, as well as correspondence, promotional materials, and written records relating to various aspects of Jeffrey's career.
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Amber Arthun Warburton papers, 1917-1976 and undated

35 Linear Feet circa 31,400 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Teacher, librarian, specialist in economics, labor, and education; New Deal administrator. Correspondence, diaries, writings, interviews, drafts of studies and reports, scrapbooks, printed material, photographs, and other papers, relating to Warburton's leadership in the Alliance for Guidance of Rural Youth (AGRY), 1947-1963; and to Affiliated Schools for Workers, Atlanta University, Brookwood Labor College, Columbia University (M.A., 1927), Institute of Social and Religious Research, Mount Holyoke College, Summer School for Women Workers in Industry, Spelman College, U.S. Children's Bureau, U.S. Federal Emergency Relief Administration, and the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture. Topics include the rural youth guidance movement, training programs for unemployed teachers in the 1930s, women workers in the 1920s, African Americans in the early 1930s, industrial home work in the Northeast in the late 1930s, migrant farm workers in the Southwest and Florida in the 1940s to 1950s, socioeconomic conditions in coal mining villages in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois in the late 1920s, and in Harlan County, Ky., and Green Sea, S.C., in the late 1940s, and the effects of the National Defense Education Act on guidance in rural high schools.

Jim Dow photographs, circa 1966-2023

140 Linear Feet (173 boxes; 1 oversize folder) 10 Terabytes
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Jim Dow (1942- ) is an American photographer and educator based in Massachusetts. The core of the collection consists of over 1900 single-image photographs, 232 multi-image panoramic prints, and approximately 2300 film negatives, representing black-and-white and color images taken by Dow from 1966 to 2023. It also includes raw and adjusted digital image files that Dow created from his photographic negatives. Subjects include: U.S. vernacular culture and landscapes, including roadside architecture, courthouses and jails, and small business interiors; food vendors, stadiums, and athletic fields around the world; and interiors and exteriors of private clubs, libraries, and churches and museums in cities around the world. Photographs often include cultural expressions such as advertising, murals, bar decor, and graffiti. Dow's U.S. work focuses mainly on New England, the South, and the West, with a single-state project on North Dakota. Other images were taken by Dow in Argentina, Canada, England, Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, and Uruguay, with a few images from Wales. Also included is a series of commissioned work. Dow's professional papers comprise teaching slides, course readers, syllabi, and digital files, as well as art gallery ephemera. Acquired as part of the Archive of Documentary Arts at Duke University.
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Z-Numbers, Maps, Miscellaneous, 1995-2019 Box 145

University Archives poster collection, 1935-ongoing

44 Linear Feet
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The University Archives Poster Collection was compiled by University Archives staff from a variety of sources. The collection consists of approximately 1,600 posters, event calendars, programs and flyers publicizing various campus events, including movies, lectures, musical and theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and festivals. Dates of the posters range from 1935 to the present, but a majority of the posters range from 1970-1989.
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Turkish elections political ephemera, 2018-2019

1 Linear Feet
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The collection consists of printed materials and ephemera documenting the 2018 presidential election and 2019 municipality elections in Turkey. Represented in the collection are the major parties, including the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Republican People's Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MDP), Felicity Party (Saadet), Patriotic Party (Vatan), and Iyi Party (Iyi). Materials are in Turkish.
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John O'Toole papers, 1954-1990 and undated

23 Linear Feet 17250 Items
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John O'Toole (1929-1995) was an American advertising executive who served as Chairman of Foote, Cone & Belding, Inc. (FCB) from 1981-1985. He also served as President of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) from 1988-1995. The John O'Toole Papers cover the years 1954-1990, with the bulk of materials dating from the 1980s, roughly the period when O'Toole served as Chairman of Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), and as an executive with the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA). The collection primarily consists of correspondence; speeches; research reports; business presentations; and slides related to FCB management and advertising activities. The collection also includes several proofs; clippings; and a film of television advertisements for Merrill Lynch. Advertisers represented in the collection include British Airways; Clairol; Colgate-Palmolive; Frito-Lay; Gillette; Heinz; Jockey; Pepsi; Sunkist; and Volkswagen. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History

Carlyle Marney papers, 1899-1979

58 Linear Feet Approx. 45,000 Items
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The papers of Carlyle Marney span the years 1899-1979, although the bulk of the collection begins in the late 1950s. Included are correspondence, drafts of writings and sermons, press releases, leaflets, pamphlets, bulletins, financial records, clippings, newsletters, calendars, reports, course materials, minutes, printed material, notes, pictures, tapes, and films. Reflected in the papers is information on rural poverty, the American Baptist Convention, the Baptist Church, especially in Texas and North Carolina, Christian writings, Abingdon Press, which published many of Marney's books, and racial prejudice. Concerning prejudice see in particular the Writings and Speeches Series: Marney (Structures of Prejudice) and the Correspondence Series (Church and Race Conference).

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Calvin Bryce Hoover papers, 1922-1970

41.5 Linear Feet (77 boxes.)
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Calvin Hoover (1897-1974) was the James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of Economics and dean of the Graduate School at Duke University. This collection primarily documents his professional life through his correspondence, writings, research, and professional and faculty activities. It forms part of the Economists' Papers Archive.
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Consumer Reports. Audiovisual materials, 1940-2022 and undated

90.00 Linear Feet 4.4 Terabytes 4,505 Files
Abstract Or Scope
Consumer Reports is a product testing and consumer advocacy nonprofit organization based in Yonkers, N.Y., founded in 1936. The audiovisual materials collection consists of non-print materials in a variety of formats: audio cassettes and tape reels; film; optical disks; phonograph disks; videocassettes and video reels. Materials document a range of activities at Consumer Reports, including: Consumer Reports' radio and television productions; footage of product testing; appearances of Consumer Reports personnel on news programs; mentions of Consumer Reports in the media; press releases and other publicity; recordings of staff and Board meetings and staff speeches; and taped testimonies. The collection also contains some microfilmed documents and digitized elements of Consumer Reports' publications. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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Jack and Rebecca Matlock Papers, 1930s-2017 and undated

210 Linear Feet
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Jack Faust Matlock was US Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987-1991. This collection includes materials from him and his wife, photographer Rebecca Matlock, dating largely from the 1940s through the mid-2010s. The bulk of items relates to their work for the US Foreign Service; they were officially stationed in Washington, Moscow, Prague, Accra, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar and traveled extensively throughout the world. Jack Matlock was a key figure in the Ronald Reagan administration and participated in almost every US-USSR summit from the 1970s until his retirement in 1991. Also present in the collection are diaries, writings, memoranda, reports, clippings, interviews, photographs, event files, audiovisual materials, and other documents regarding the Matlocks' career, travels, interests, family life, and scholarship.
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Ian Young correspondence on The Male Muse, 1969-1974

0.4 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Ian Young is an English-Canadian poet, editor, and literary critic who edited The Male Muse, an anthology of gay poetry. Collection consists of letters to Young from prospective contributors to the anthology. The letters discuss poems for inclusion, publication rights, gay literature and erotic poetry, and life as gay male poets. Also included in the collection is a published copy of The Male Muse.
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American Dance Festival Company and Biographical Reference collection, 1928-2009

8.75 Linear Feet
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The American Dance Festival is a non-profit organization committed to serving the needs of dance, dancers, choreographers, and professionals in dance-related fields. It presents a six and a half week summer festival of modern dance performances and educational programs, hosts community outreach activities, and sponsors numerous projects in the humanities. Its mission is to create and present new dance works, preserve the modern dance heritage, build wider national and international audiences and enhance public understanding and appreciation for modern dance, and provide training and education for dancers and choreographers. The collection consists of materials collected by the American Dance Festival pertaining to choreographers, dance companies, and others involved in modern dance, including printed materials, newspaper and magazine clippings, press kits, programs, and correspondence.
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Center for Justice and Accountability records, 1945-2015, bulk 1972-2015

60 Linear Feet (119 boxes) 4 Megabytes (20 files)
Abstract Or Scope
Founded in 1998, the Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) is a non-profit organization that primarily utilizes civil litigation against perpetrators of international human rights abuses. The CJA records span the dates 1945-2015, with most materials dating from 1972-2015, and consist of extensive case files, amicus briefs, research materials, a small amount of press clippings, CJA newsletters and annual reports, and audiovisual materials and electronic records related to cases or to research. Attorneys who frequently appear in case file materials include: Matthew Eisenbrandt, Shawn Roberts, and Joshua Sondheimer. Acquired as part of the Human Rights Archive at Duke University.
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Yousuf v. Samantar, 2000-2014 July 14

Eleanor Elliott papers, 1768-2006 and undated (bulk 1951-2006)

55 Linear Feet 40,500 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Eleanor "Elly" Elliott was a women's rights activist, a board member of NOW's Legal Defense and Education Fund, a Barnard College Board Member, served on the National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs and was an editor at Vogue magazine. These materials consist of personal papers from the Elliott family and administrative files from Elliott's work in various women's rights organizations and philanthropic activities. It also includes photographs, scrapbooks and some audio/visual materials.
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Writings and Speeches, 1953-2006 Box 52

Franco Modigliani papers, 1936-2005, bulk dates 1970s-2003

89 Linear Feet (163 boxes and two oversize folders.) 15 Megabytes (One set.)
Abstract Or Scope
Franco Modigliani (1918-2003) was a Nobel Prize winner and Institute Professor Emeritus (of economics) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This collection primarily documents his professional life through his correspondence, writings and speeches, professional activities, and teaching. It forms part of the Economists' Papers Archive.

Michael McVaugh papers, 1971-1988 and undated

1.0 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Michael McVaugh is professor emeritus of history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Collection comprises his research, interviews, and preparation for the book, The Elusive Science, coauthored with Seymour Mauskopf, regarding the research of J. B. Rhine and the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University. Interview and research subjects include Hans Bender, Knight Dunlap, Hudson Hoagland, John L. Kennedy, Brian Mackenzie, Gardner Murphy, Harry Price, Gertrude Schmeidler, Ernest Taves, Raymond Willoughby, Dael Wolfle, and George Zirkle.
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Seymour Mauskopf papers, 1930-1993

10 Linear Feet 4408 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Duke University Professor of History. Materials and recordings used in preparation for Mauskopf's book, The Elusive Science, and other research on the history of parapsychology and psychical research. Also includes articles by Mauskopf and other historians, scientists, and psychologists.

Department of History records, 1932-[ongoing]

31.05 Linear Feet about 37, 250 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Collection contains records pertaining to the operation and activities of the Department of History and its faculty at Duke University, 1932-[ongoing]. Materials present include administrative files from the Office of the Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, and Director of Undergraduate Studies: correspondence, memoranda, departmental meeting minutes, budget and course material, committee files, and various subject files. The records also include course papers, inactive faculty files, Nixon Library material, and external review files. University Archives staff must be consulted in order to determine the extent of access restrictions.

Louis H. Roddis papers, 1823-1990

50 Linear Feet 159.4 linear feet 95,000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Collection reflects career of Louis H. Roddis in the general field of energy with emphasis on policy and strategic issues. Topics include electric power, gas resources, petroleum, water power, energy conservation, the energy crisis of the 1970s, nuclear power, and alternative energy sources. Primarily documented in the collection are developments with nuclear power and within the nuclear industry including materials related to the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island accidents. The collection also reflects Roddis' participation in a variety of public service, charitable, industrial, and trade organizations.

African Americans in Film Collection, 1919-2000

15 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The African Americans in Film collection includes ephemeral materials, especially posters and pressbooks, promoting and advertising motion pictures featuring Black actors, directors, and production companies.
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Zircon, 1920 Box 4

Zebra Killer, 1974 Oversize-folder 33

Youngblood, 1978 Oversize-folder 33