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Muriel Henderson papers, 1900-2009

18 Linear Feet 13500 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Muriel Henderson (1920-2009) and her husband, Lawrence (Larry), were originally from Tacoma, Washington. They served as missionaries to Angola from 1947 to 1969 and eventually retired to Durham in the 1990s. The bulk of the papers relate Muriel Henderson's personal and family history (for the Woods and Henderson families). She lived with her husband Lawrence (Larry) Henderson in Angola doing missionary work from 1947 to 1969 and the collection includes many materials from this time (including journals and letters). Henderson kept in touch with people from Angola throughout the remainder of her life. The collection also includes many materials documenting her family's life in the early 20th century in the Pacific Northwest (mostly in or around Tacoma, Washington), including photographs, diaries, children's drawings and letters, school report cards, diplomas, letters, recollections (many typed) from family members, and ledgers of household expenses. Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.
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Accession (2009-0227) 12 boxes and 1 oversize folder

Claire Keyes papers, 1985-2009

3 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Claire Keyes was the executive director of the Allegheny Reproductive Health Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The collection includes Allegheny Reproductive Health Center clinic files; National Coalition of Abortion Providers materials; National Abortion Federation meeting materials; NARAL guidelines and publications; newspaper articles; clinic insurance information; anti-abortion lawsuits, correspondence, threats, and arrests; spirituality counseling and other initiatives; one DVD and one VHS on abortion; and miscellaneous administrative information about the clinic. Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.
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Accession (2009-0229) 5 boxes

Ichthus Limited records, 1964-1978

1.5 Linear Feet 750 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Marketing operation, created by David Dole in the 1960s, which sought to increase and improve marketing of religious bodies in the United States. Name later changed to the Inter-religious Media Foundation. Ceased operation in the late 1970s. Accession (2010-0003) (750 items; 1.5 lin. ft.; dated 1964-1978) includes corporate records, by-laws and charters, tax forms and information, board meeting materials, and correspondence from the Ichthus, Ltd. organization. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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Jean O'Barr papers, 1915-2013

20 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Professor and founder of Duke University's Women's Studies program. Materials from the founding and operation of Duke's Women's Studies program, including proposals, reviews, and annual reports. Also includes scrapbooks with photographs and conference materials; correspondence about the Women's Studies program; and publications about O'Barr and the Women's Studies program. Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.
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Accession (2010-0200), 1974-2010 4 boxes

Clay Felker papers, 1945-1996

14 Linear Feet 9000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Clay Felker (1925-2008) was an editor and publisher who edited magazines such as New York Magazine (which he founded in 1968), New West Magazine, Village Voice, and Esquire. Collection includes materials from Felker's journalism career, with the bulk of the materials dating from 1968 through 1981. The majority of the materials relate to Felker's publishing and editorial work on New York Magazine, New West Magazine, Village Voice, Esquire, and Daily News Tonight. Included are story ideas and correspondence with various writers and editors; drafts of articles and columns; contract and legal negotiations; correspondence from Felker's fans and friends; budgetary materials; press clippings and news coverage; and other miscellaneous materials. Also includes copies of Duke University Chronicle, 1948-1952, dating from Felker's years as a writer and editor; copies of The Blue Jacket, 1944-1945, dating from Felker's years as a sports editor; some personal correspondence and materials from Felker's friends and family; and some other miscellaneous material.
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Center for Women Policy Studies records, 1970-2012 and undated

331.5 Linear Feet 221 boxes
Abstract Or Scope
The Center for Women Policy Studies was founded in 1972 as the nation’s first feminist policy analysis, research and advocacy institution. Collection documents the day-to-day operation, programs, and mission of the Center for Women's Policy Studies. The records include subject files, research files, publication materials, lectures, project documentation, program files, surveys, survey data and chronological files accumulated by the organization. Topics include women and AIDS, girls, teenage girls, work/life balance, women and violence, women and leadership, women and bio ethics and reproductive rights. The collection includes audio cassettes and VHS tapes, and patrons must request use copies to access the content of these materials. Acquired by the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.
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Accession (2010-094) 1970-2005 and undated 131 boxes

Ann Barr Snitow papers, 1950s-2019

102 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Ann Barr Snitow was a feminist activist, writer, and professor of literature and gender studies at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts. The collection includes teaching files, subject files, materials documenting Snitow's involvement in various feminist activist groups and organizations, Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, her work with Ellen Willis, feminist publications in Eastern European languages, writings, speeches, correspondence, interviews, Carol Jacobsen films, and recordings of Snitow's feminist radio shows on WBAI in New York.
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Accession (2011-1027), 1969-2011

Amanda Smith papers, 1950s-2000s

16 Linear Feet 12000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Author (fiction and non-fiction) and gender equity consultant from Durham, N.C. Collection includes materials from Smith's literary career as an author of mystery novels, files from her work as a gender equity consultant, her newspaper columns on gender in the workplace, and materials from her work with youth at St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Durham. Also includes a small amount of correspondence from Smith's college years and family photographs from the early 20th century. The files relating to her fiction writing also include a set of audiocassettes related to one of her books. Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.
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Stone Circles records, 1995-2012

11.4 Linear Feet (19 boxes)
Abstract Or Scope
The Stone Circles records contain materials documenting the history of the organization. These include press clippings, board meeting minutes. staff and financial information, program files, newsletters, event information, and correspondence.
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Arthur B. Shostak papers, 1976-2012

8.0 Linear Feet 8 boxes
Abstract Or Scope
Arthur Shostak is a sociologist whose research focused on the topic of men and abortion. The collection documents his work, including survey results, speeches, research, clippings. and printed materials.
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Accession (2014-0186), 1976-2010

Elizabeth Grosz papers, 1973-2016

13.5 Linear Feet (9 boxes)
Abstract Or Scope
Professional papers of Elizabeth Grosz, professor in the Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Department at Duke University. Materials include her scholarly work, teaching files, and her students' work.

Margery Sved papers, 1972-1985

0.5 Linear Feet (1 box)
Abstract Or Scope
Margery (Margie) Sved, PhD is a psychiatrist practicing in the Triangle area of North Carolina. She champions issues related to women and members of the LGBTQ community in medicine.The Margery Sved papers document women's health organizations and events in the Triangle area from the 1970-80's, including a notebook from a conference sponsored by AMWA (American Medical Women's Association) at Duke in 1980 on Leadership for Women in Medicine. There is also a file on an early conference of lesbian physicians.
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Donnamarie Mazzola papers, 1988-1995

3.0 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Abstract Or Scope
The Donnamarie Mazzola papers document feminist activism in Philadelphia in the 1980s-90s. The collection includes materials from training courses from various feminist coalitions working to end domestic and sexual violence against women, syllabi for Women Organized Against Rape trainings, materials from various Take Back the Night marches, clippings, and periodicals.
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Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory records, 1994-2023

0.14 Gigabytes
Abstract Or Scope
The Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) is a collaborative laboratory operated on the campus of Duke University. The Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory records include progress reports and archived websites.
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Rachel Hoff zines, 1990-1996

0.6 Linear Feet (1 box)
Abstract Or Scope
Rachel Hoff is an American author and librarian. Her papers contain the original copies of her zine Intelligence Lull that she wrote when she was 15 years old; as well as writings, drawings and correspondence related to this publication.
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Women's Worship Circle records, 1992-2001

.2 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Materials documenting the Women's Worship Circle activities including correspondence, invitations, programs, handouts, liturgies, member reflections, photographs, planning and meeting notes and agendas.
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Charlotte Taft papers, 1977-1999

1 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Charlotte Taft is an abortion counselor and activist. Her papers contain clippings and articles documenting various aspects of the struggle for abortion rights as well as brochures from abortion clinics.
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William Sigler papers, 1825-1855

2.5 Linear Feet 1300 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Resident of Mount Jackson, Va. Collection contains personal correspondence, business papers, and receipts relating to William Sigler. Some correspondence concerns local politics and economic conditions. Sigler sometimes corresponded with prominent merchants in Baltimore, Md.
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Vause W. Marshall papers, 1768-1940

1 Linear Feet 494 Items
Abstract Or Scope

Collection consists of correspondence, legal documents, bills, receipts, Civil War muster rolls, clippings and business printed matter, and a diary.

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Frederick Vincent papers, 1776-1872

1 Linear Feet 458 Items
Abstract Or Scope

Collection contains letters, some from prominent figures in Washington and some addressed to Chilton; court briefs from Norfolk, and several copies of Virginia Land Office records from the 18th century.

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American Literary Manuscripts records, 1930-1981

11.5 Linear Feet 8598 Items
Abstract Or Scope

The American Literary Manuscripts Records (accession #5-6-81) (8,098 items, 10.8 lf; dated 1930-1979) documents the process by which the guide was created. It contains the correspondence of J. A. Robbins with each of his editors for each region of the United States (the Regional Chairmen), copies of the directives sent to participating libraries, copies of the master list of names to be checked, minutes of editorial board meetings, descriptions of the project, a proposal for a computerized updating of the census of library holdings of American literary manuscripts, negotiations with the publisher, grant requests, and reports. The correspondence between Midwest Regional Chairman, George Hendrick, and his Regional Associates is included in order to demonstrate how the project operated. The questionnaires returned by the libraries in that region are included. There are also ten printouts, included as a random sampling of printouts required. Acquired as part of the Jay B. Hubbell Center for American Literary Historiography.

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Historical File Box 1

Wesley Norwood Jones papers, 1912-1945

1 Linear Feet (74 items)
Abstract Or Scope

This collection contains two letters (1918-1919) from Wesley Norwood Jones to his son, Lt. William Bailey Jones, of the Field Artillery of the American Expeditionary Forces in France. There are also letters to and from S. B. Jones, a medical officer in the British West Indies. These letters are accompanied by ten photographs of victims of a recent smallpox epidemic. There are three letters (1938) from Dr. W. S. Parsons of Shanghai. He mentions the Sino-Japanese conflict and some of his personal experiences. Several letters are from William Bailey Jones, Jr., written while he was a soldier in WWII.

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Accession 72-044

Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance records, 1950-ongoing

93.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Contains memoranda, correspondence, budgets, reports, agreements, financial information, organizational records and other printed matter from the Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance. Records concern Duke University, its various academic departments, organizations, and benefactors, including the Medical Center. These records were created by Vice President for Business and Finance Gerhard Henricksen (1962-1966) and his successor Charles B. Huestis (1966-1985), and provide a detailed account of the university's financial status. Major topics include the university's relationship with the Duke Endowment and Local Unions 77 and 465, Medical Center construction;, university properties, physical plant, and facilities renovations, national professional organizations, several university committees, the Board of Trustees, the Duke University Athletic Association, WDBS campus radio station, the Duke Vigil, Duke University Marine Lab, Huestis' personal interests and affiliations, and the departments of the Business and Finance Division (including Housing, Data Processing and the Computation Center, Accounting, Dining Halls, Personnel, Materials Support, Safety and Traffic, TelCom, and Utilities), and the University Architect. Major correspondents include University Architect, University Council, Business Manager, Corporate and University Controllers, Terry Sanford, William G. Anlyan, A. Kenneth Pye, Richard L. Jackson, J. Peyton Fuller, John Adcock. English.
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Accession 76-40.

Leonard S. Silk papers, 1929-1995, bulk dates 1950-1985

544.7 Linear Feet (232 boxes and one oversize folder.)
Abstract Or Scope
Leonard Silk (1918-1995) was a columnist and editorial writer on economics for The New York Times and Business Week. This collection primarily documents his professional life through his correspondence, writings, research, and teaching. It forms part of the Economists' Papers Archive.
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Accession 84-01-01, 1967-1982

Inez Alexandria Stephens MacKinnon papers, 1821-1953

4.5 Linear Feet 900 Items
Abstract Or Scope

Papers of MacKinnon, including correspondence with her sister, Louise Mae Davis Stephens, her husband, Francis T. MacKinnon, and other family members and friends (ca. 1920s-1930s); her diary during her courtship (1919-1922); and photograph albums, portraits, scrapbook, and mementos. Also includes husband Francis MacKinnon's WWI scrapbook and letters to family written during his military service in Europe; sister Louise Stephens' personal correspondence, photographs, portraits, mementos, and scrapbooks (ca. 1912-1937); courtship letters of Inez MacKinnon's parents, Jefferson Davis Stephens and Mae Inez Yarborough (ca. 1900); Jefferson Stephens' diary (ca. 1899-1926); and 19th-century papers of the Stephens and Yarborough families, including an 1821 court order by the Territory of Florida. (accession #91-081)

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Josephine Humphreys papers, 1946-1993 and undated

27.7 Linear Feet 11,900 Items
Abstract Or Scope

The collection documents Humphreys' professional life as an author. It contains correspondence between Humphreys and other writers and editors; business contracts with Viking Press and others for her publications and for movie rights; handwritten and typed manuscripts and proofs for her books Dreams of Sleep, Rich in Love, and Fireman's Fair, as well as typescripts of works by other authors (including Robb Forman Dew and Louise Erdrich); reviews of her own work as well as reviews written by Humphreys of others' works; and information detailing her speaking engagements and interviews. In addition, the collection contains clippings of reviews and interviews, photographs and negatives (16 black-and-white, 4 color, and 23 negatives); audiotapes from a "Women in Literature" series in which Humphreys participated; and 10 electronic files of book manuscripts, especially Dreams of Sleep, originally on computer disks and now migrated to the electronic records server. Also included are books inscribed to Humphreys and seven scrapbooks containing additional correspondence regarding her work as well as reviews.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Detroit Office records, 1947-1999 and undated

50 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope

Collection contains miscellaneous files from the Detroit office; tearsheets, client and competitive advertising. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising and Marketing History.

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Elizabeth Roberts papers, 1945-1990 and undated

4.5 Linear Feet 4550 Items
Abstract Or Scope

This collection includes chiefly correspondence and printed material concerning North Carolina medical associations and women's auxiliaries in which Mrs. Roberts, wife of pediatrician Dr. Bennett Watson Roberts, was involved. Organizations include: National Organization for Mentally Ill Children; Auxiliary to the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina; American Cancer Society; N.C. Council of Women's Organizations; and Southern Medical Association. Other materials relate to Roberts' work in Saint Philip's Parish and Episcopal Church, Durham, N.C.

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Accession 93-106

Stanley Hauerwas papers, 1962-2021 and undated

129 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Stanley Hauerwas is a Duke Divinity School professor. Collection contains personal and professional materials documenting Hauerwas's career as an ethicist, professor, and scholar at the Duke University Divinity School and School of Law. Includes correspondence, lectures, professional engagement files, committee work, drafts, publications, and other assorted materials. Collection is closed pending processing.
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J. Russell Yoder postcard collection, approximately 1900-1982 and undated

19 Linear Feet circa 24,500 Items
Abstract Or Scope

International collection of picture postcards (6500 items, ca. 1900-1982), almost all of which date from 1920 or earlier. Arranged by country and filed in 28 albums. Almost all European countries are represented, and there are many rare postcards from Russia. (96-0135) (7 lf)

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South Atlantic Quarterly records, 1926 - 1986

25 Linear Feet 25000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
The South Atlantic Quarterly was founded in 1901 at Trinity College (later Duke University), and faculty from Trinity College and Duke University have served on its editorial board since its inception. The periodical, published by Duke University Press since 1930, began as a scholarly and literary journal about southern topics, and has since expanded to discuss national and international issues. The South Atlantic Quarterly Records consist mainly of correspondence regarding manuscript submissions and editing issues. Other materials include Board of Directors minutes, subject files, and content lists for individual issues of South Atlantic Quarterly. English.
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Correspondence, A-Jo Box 1

Correspondence, Jo-Wa Box 2

Vice President for Student Affairs records, 1923-[ongoing]

103 Linear Feet 15.7 Gigabytes
Abstract Or Scope
The Vice President of Student Affairs oversees the Division of Student Affairs, involved in all aspects of student life at Duke University. William J. Griffith was Dean of Student Affairs and then Vice President of Student Affairs from 1963-1991. The Vice President for Student Affairs Records include correspondence, reports, memorandums, and other materials related to the operations of the Division of Student Affairs and cover such topics as student organizations, student housing, student government, student activities, administrative planning around student facilities and resources, and many other subjects.
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Accession A74-78

Cable 13 videotapes and records, 1976-2009

154 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Duke Union Community Television (Cable 13), Duke's student-run television station, grew out of Freewater Films' video programming group, following the purchase of a television camera. Cable 13 was the first student-owned and student-run television station in the country. Cable 13 became an official committee of the Duke University Union in 1976. It broadcasts on the Duke campus cable system. The collection consists of videocassettes and videotapes of events recorded at and around Duke between 1976 and 2009. It includes such figures as William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Nikki Giovanni, Juanita Kreps, Terry Sanford, Ralph Nader, and Elie Wiesel, as well as performances from Dance Black, the Duke Symphony Orchestra, the Duke Wind Symphony, the Firesign Theatre, Jerry Garcia, and Hoof'n'Horn. Other events include men's and women's basketball, women's crew, football, soccer, men's and women's volleyball, and Joe College Weekend, as well as news and talk shows.
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Talent Identification Program (TIP) records, 1980-Ongoing

3 Linear Feet 1700 Items
Abstract Or Scope
The Talent Identification Program (TIP) was established in 1980. TIP identifies gifted seventh graders, and the students then spend a summer at Duke taking courses taught by the University's faculty. The program is supported by endowments and fees. The collection includes bulletins, brochures, correspondence, application materials, articles, syllabi, lists of students, flyers and other records.
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Private Adjudication Center records, 1982-1992

9 Linear Feet 6000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
The Private Adjudication Center is an independent corporation founded by the Board of Trustees of Duke University and was attached to the School of Law. School of Law Professor Paul Carrington served on the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, from 1983-2003, as Executive Director in 1988, President from 1989-1994, and Chair of Board, 1995-2002. The materials include correspondence between PAC representatives throughout the United States and in various foreign countries as well as minutes, reports, proposals, and other materials. There are a few case files within this collection.
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Thomas E. Dixon papers, 1967-1993

18 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Thomas E. Dixon was a Duke University administrator from the 1970s through the early 1990s, holding the positions of Associate University Controller, Controller and Co-director of Human Resources, Associate Vice President for Administrative Services, and Vice President for Administrative Services (1989-1993). The Thomas E. Dixon Papers, 1967-1993, contain correspondence, memoranda, reports, meeting agendas and minutes, and other materials that document Thomas Dixon's tenure as Vice President for Administrative Services and other positions he held at Duke University from the late 1970s through the early 1990s. Records mainly consist of subject files pertaining to operations of non-academic divisions of the university, including Auxiliary Services, the Facilities Management Department, the Office of Human Resources, and the Telecommunications Division (Tel-Com). Also represented are committees with which Dixon was involved, including the President's Advisory Committee on Resources, the Safety Task Force, and the Committee on Social Implications of Duke's Investment Policy. Other materials include minutes of several committees of the Duke University Board of Trustees and a variety of reports, plans, and blueprints about the construction and opening of the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club in 1980s.
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Accession A94-31, 1967-1993 19 boxes

Asian Students Association records, 1986-2022

11 Linear Feet 17 Gigabytes
Abstract Or Scope
The Asian Students Association was founded at Duke University in 1981 to serve the social, political and cultural interests of Asian and Asian-American students. This collection consists of the records of the Duke University Asian Students Association from 1986 to 2022. Types of materials include a short history, meeting minutes and agendas, budgets, correspondence, constitutions, scrapbooks, and video recordings.
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Perkins Library Reference Department records, 1937-2009

9.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Reference Department at William R. Perkins Library offers research guidance and consultations, tours of the library, and instruction to students and patrons of the library. The collection contains records related to the Perkins Library Reference Department including annual reports, statistics, meeting minutes, materials related to renovation projects at Perkins, departmental policies, Duke Summer Reading Program, and records of the Librarians Assembly.
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Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free, and Accepted Masons of North Carolina records, 1798-1895

1 Linear Feet 368 Items
Abstract Or Scope

Reports, trials, minutes, petitions, and organizational documents from all over the state of North Carolina that belonged to the two grand secretaries, William Thomas Bain, and his son, Donald William Bain, both of Wake County, N.C.

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Lewis Gaston Leary papers, 1790-1986

36 Linear Feet 29,802 Items
Abstract Or Scope

Chiefly notes, lectures, addresses, and articles on American writers, with an emphasis on early American literature, especially minor authors. Includes research materials on Philip Freneau, Parson Weems, and Henry D. Thoreau. The collection also contains correspondence, 1958-1985, and an autobiographical sketch by Leary. Most of this material is described in the container list.

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Roma Stewart Goodwin Blackburn papers, 1942-1985 and undated

1.2 Linear Feet 564 Items
Abstract Or Scope

Primarily correspondence between Roma Blackburn and literary personages, including former students of her husband, William Maxwell Blackburn, professor at Duke University. Also includes poem by Rose Styron, clippings about the poet Elizabeth Bishop, and a program from Bishop's memorial service. One volume, Heart and Home: A Memoir, was written by Mrs. Blackburn. Correspondence includes: letters and postcards from Elizabeth Bishop discussing travels, intellectual life, and literary interests; letters from William Styron discussing fund-raising in memory of Professor William Blackburn for the Duke University Capital Campaign for the Arts and Sciences; letters from Alice Methfessel, close friend of Elizabeth Bishop; and letters from Professor Blackburn's former students Sean Devereaux, Guy Davenport, and Josephine Humphreys Hutcheson. (1964-1984) (46 items) (.2 linear feet)

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Faculty Census Reports, 1933-1987

33 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Contains Census Reports by faculty and other instructional staff at Duke University. Reports were administered the the Office of the Provost and Deans of schools and include information about courses, instructors and students. Types of materials include individual reports and bound volumes. Major subjects include Duke University administration, course statistics, and activities of Duke University faculty. Materials range in date from 1933 to 1987. English.
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Eric M. and Carol L. Meyers papers, 1970-2019

60.0 Linear Feet (53 boxes; 9 oversize folders) 8.2 Gigabytes (1296 files)
Abstract Or Scope
Eric M. and Carol L. Meyers are professors in Duke University's Department of Religion. Throughout their careers, they have conducted archeological digs in relation to their interest in biblical and Judaic studies. The collection contains extensive materials related to several major excavations the pair conducted in Israel from the 1970s to the 1990s. The materials in the collection include binders and notebooks of field notes, charts, maps, and records; notecards; photographs (including slides, prints, and negatives), almost all black-and-white; a few audiovisual items; clippings; some administrative and correspondence files; coins; and drawings of sites and artifacts. There are many electronic files, some of which represent items not present in the collection. Topics include 20th century archaeology and practices; the Sepphoris, Meiron, Khirbet Shema, Nabratein, and Gush Halav excavation sites in Israel, including maps and photographs of the sites; Jewish and Arabic artifacts such as coins and pottery; other ancient artifacts; and religious and biblical studies as they relate to archaeology.
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Accession Number 82-72

Residential Program Review records, 1958 - 2002

3.5 Linear Feet 3500 Items
Abstract Or Scope
The Residential Program Review began in 1998 to focus on residential improvements for upperclass students at Duke University. This administrative group oversaw the building of a new dormitory, the West-Edens Link, on Duke's West Campus, and continues to be involved in improving residential life on campus. Types of materials in the collection include reports, architectural drawings, proposals, surveys, correspondence, and minutes. Major subjects include architecture, living and social space, fraternities and sororities, residential policy, and residential issues of concern on the campus, such as alcohol abuse. English.

Duke Memorial records, 1929 - 1936

4 Linear Feet 4000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
The Duke Memorial was formed in 1929 to honor Washington, Benjamin N., and James B. Duke. The group worked on several projects, including building the Memorial Chapel in Duke Chapel, financing the purchase of Duke Homestead, and building a statue of James B. Duke. The collection consists mainly of financial documents, as well as general correspondence, minutes, and proposals and suggestions. Major topics include the construction of Memorial Chapel and the sarcophagi within, the purchase of Duke Homestead, and the financing of the James B. Duke Statue. Major correspondents include James A. Thomas, W. W. Flowers, and Alex H. Sands. English.
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University Committee on ROTC records, 1970 - 1971

4.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The University Committee on ROTC was formed in 1970 to formulate recommendations on the future of ROTC at Duke University. The collection includes correspondence, minutes, testimony, reports, printed materials, reports from other institutions, student course evaluations and questionnaires, notes, and other materials. Major subjects include the role of the Naval and Air Force ROTCs on Duke's campus, the Vietnam War, the draft, and intellectual freedom on university campuses. English.
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School of Engineering records, 1931 - 2021

58 Linear Feet 0.98 Gigabytes
Abstract Or Scope
The School of Engineering traces its history back to 1851. It is currently composed of the four departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. There are also shared research facilities and joint research activities with numerous other departments including Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Medicine. This collection includes records of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Student Government, and the Engineering Alumni Association. Type of materials include biographical files, general subject files, correspondence, photographs, clippings, rosters, minutes, reports, proposals, course descriptions, memoirs, honors, and vitae. Major subjects include Duke University, students, School of Engineering, the study and teaching of science and engineering, and scientific research.

Marine Laboratory records, 1931-2017

124.25 Linear Feet 14.8 Gigabytes
Abstract Or Scope
The Duke University Marine Laboratory, founded in 1938, educates undergraduate and graduate students in the marine sciences. Part of the Nicholas School of the Environment, the Beaufort, North Carolina laboratory is also a renowned center of scientific research. The Marine Laboratory Records include photographs, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, recommendations, and reports documenting the Laboratory's work and administration. Major subjects include marine biology, oceanography, and zoology; research and study of the marine sciences; the Marine Biomedical Center; oceanic research vessels including the Monitor; and John D. Costlow, the director of the Laboratory for many years.
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Department of Education records, 1930 - 1981

25 Linear Feet 25000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
The Department of Education, formed in 1907, prepared both undergraduate and graduate students for careers in education. The Department dissolved at the end of 1981. The Department of Education Records include correspondence, minutes, memoranda, reports, proposals, exams, student and faculty information, and other materials. Subjects include the training of teachers in North Carolina, the process of accreditation, teaching in elementary and secondary schools, and departmental administration. Major programs and organizations include the Master of Arts in Teaching Program, the Cooperative Program in Teacher Education, the N.C. Advancement School, the Triple T Task Force Team, the Emotionally Disturbed Children Program, the Regional Education Laboratory, the Learning Institute of North Carolina (LINC), the Durham Education Improvement Program (EIP), the Summer Demonstration School, the Summer Enrichment Program, and Project ABC. English.