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Naegele Outdoor Advertising records, 1978-2002 and undated

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Outdoor advertising firm founded as Naegele Outdoor Advertising in 1935 in Minneapolis, Minn. Renamed Fairway Outdoor 1991 and currently headquartered in Duncan, S.C. Includes billboard, painted display and poster designs, slides, photographs, printed materials and VHS videocassettes that document billboard locations, work in progress, corporate events, hurricane and storm damage and other aspects of the outdoor advertising industry. Many poster designs depict advertising for local North Carolina businesses. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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J. Walter Thompson Company. 35mm Microfilm Proofs, 1906-1960 and undated

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Founded in 1864, the J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) is one of the oldest and largest enduring advertising agencies in the United States. The JWT 35mm Microfilm Proofs collection spans the years 1906-1960 and consists primarily of images of print advertisements and proofs taken from proof books and portfolios of domestic and foreign JWT offices. Clients include Ballantine's, B.F. Goodrich, Butterick, Corning, Crowell Publishing, Davey Tree Surgeons, General Cigar, General Motors, Guinness, Horlicks, J.B. Williams, Jergens, Johns-Manville, Nash, Northam Warren, Pennsylvania RR, RCA, Sharp & Dohme, Shell, Standard Brands, Sun Maid, Swift, Sylvania, United Airlines, Ward Baking, and Welch's Grape Juice. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.

J. Walter Thompson Company. International Advertisements collection, 1900-2006

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The J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT), founded in 1864, is one of the oldest and largest enduring advertising agencies in the world. It opened its first international office in London in 1899, and by 1930 the agency had established offices in some 30 countries. At present, JWT manages offices or partnership arrangements in approximately 90 countries. The J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) International Advertisements Collection spans the years 1900-2004 and consists primarily of print advertisements, along with some transparencies, photocopies of advertising, and other collateral material that document some of JWT's international advertising campaigns through the 20th century. Clients include a variety of local, national and multinational commercial firms, as well as government institutions and public service organizations. The holdings of the collection are uneven, with the bulk of the advertisements dating from the mid-1960s up to about 1990. There are limited early advertisements from Chesebrough-Pond's, General Motors, and other clients dating from the late 1920s and early 1930s in print and on microfilm from the various offices established during those years. There are almost no international advertisements from roughly 1933 to the middle of the 1950s. The United Kingdom, the British Commonwealth countries, and Latin America account for most of the advertisements from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s. While the holdings since about 1980 are much larger than earlier holdings, they are by no means complete, and vary substantially from office to office. Key multinational clients represented in the collection include Chesebrough-Pond's, Eastman Kodak, Ford, General Motors, Kraft, IBM, Pepsi, R.J. Reynolds, and Unilever. English translations of foreign-language advertisements are often provided by JWT's Asian and Pacific Offices. European and Latin American Offices provided translations far less frequently. Advertisements for members of the British Commonwealth are generally available in English only or in both English and the local language. Spanish-language advertisements produced by JWT offices in the United States, intended for the domestic Spanish-speaking population as well as for Latin America, may be found in the J. Walter Thompson Company Domestic Advertisements Collection.

American Association of Advertising Agencies records, 1918-2007

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The American Association of Advertising Agencies, founded in 1917, is the primary advertising industry trade organization. Collection includes correspondence, annual corporate and stockholder reports for member agencies, meeting minutes and speeches, biographical summaries, a subject file, and videotapes that document selected activities and functions of the organization. The collection has been compiled from a number of accessions received over time, and so does not represent a comprehensive archive of the AAAA. Certain aspects of AAAA activities, however, are well represented, including a set of card files that document the professional careers of AAAA members over a 50-year period, and subject files that focus on Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigations into complaints lodged against advertisers and advertising claims produced in a variety of media, with a particular emphasis on the ways that products were advertised during and in conjunction with children's television programming. Other topics touched on include advertising self-regulation, antitrust issues, advertising laws, and deceptive and ethical practices in marketing and advertising. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.

Reproductive Health Ephemera Collection, 1826-2009 and undated

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The Reproductive Health Ephemera Collection consists of pamphlets, flyers, brochures, booklets, bumper stickers and other items that document the work of organizations concerned with women's reproductive health and reproductive rights, largely in the United States and United Kingdom. Collections contains items from both pro-choice and pro-life organizations. Also includes advertisements and information about products related to birth control and to ideas of vaginal hygiene (such as diaphragms, suppositories, and douching products). Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture and the History of Medicine Collections at Duke University.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) Archives, 1885-2019 and undated

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The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) Archives document the operations and activities of the OAAA, the primary professional organization throughout the modern history of the outdoor advertising industry in the U.S. The collection also includes materials pertaining to the OAAA's predecessor organizations such as the Poster Advertising Association, Associated Bill Posters, the Painted Outdoor Advertising Association, and the International Bill Poster's Association of North America. There is some information on the outdoor industry abroad as well; Canada and the England/U.K. are more fully addressed than other countries. Materials include a wide variety of media and formats, and include correspondence, directories, published materials (such as technical and periodic reports, newsletters and bylaws), membership records, texts of speeches, articles and clippings, minutes of association meetings, and industry publications such as the long-running serial The Poster.

Susan Hill papers, 1976-2003

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Susan Hill is a North Carolina native, social worker, activist for female reproductive rights, and founder of the National Women's Health Organization. Collection includes newspaper clippings related to abortion and women's health issues, records from the National Women's Health Organization, and audiovisual material. Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.

C&U Poster Advertising Company Records, 1896-2004 and undated, 1896-2004 and undated

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Outdoor advertising company founded in 1912 in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois environs.

Rencher Nicholas Harris papers, 1851-1980 and undated, bulk 1926-1965

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African American civic leader during the period following the Brown decision of 1954 and the Civil Rights Movement. Harris was the first African American city councilman in Durham, N.C., and the first black man to sit on the Durham County Board of Education. The Rencher Nicholas Harris Papers span the years from 1851 to 1980, with the bulk dating from 1926 to 1965. The collection consists mainly of clippings, correspondence, legal papers, photographs, printed materials, journals and diaries, scrapbooks, oversize maps, and reports relating to Harris' work in political and educational affairs in Durham, North Carolina in the 1950s and early 1960s as a member of the City Council and the School Board, with emphasis on school desegregation, civil rights, and race relations in Durham. Also represented is Harris' business career in banking, insurance, and real estate, his role as an official of the Bankers' Fire Insurance Company, and his civic activities, including leadership roles in the NAACP, Lincoln Hospital, and North Carolina Mutual Insurance, and Mechanics and Farmers Bank, all serving African Americans in Durham. Some biographical materials, family papers, and correspondence also relate to his wife, Plassie Williams Harris. Part of the John Hope Franklin Research Center for African and African American History and Culture at Duke University.

Newport Restoration Foundation records, 1968-1999 (bulk 1968-1982)

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In 1968, Doris Duke established the Newport Restoration Foundation (NRF) with the express purpose of preserving, interpreting, and maintaining landscape and objects reflecting the 18th- and 19th-century architectural culture of Aquidneck Island (Newport, R.I.). In creating the foundation, Doris Duke had a simple plan: to purchase dilapidated 18th century homes and meticulously restore them so that every detail was as historically accurate as possible. During the next three decades, preservation remained a major focus among her many charitable endeavors. Saving eighty-three properties was an undertaking on a scale and scope that has never been repeated. Doris Duke gave $21.9 million to the Newport Restoration Foundation, the largest philanthropic gift she made to a single organization during her lifetime. The collection documents the daily business activities of the Newport Restoration Foundation (NRF), including purchases, renovations, and renting of various NRF homes, photo inventories of the furniture and other household items at each restored NRF home, weekly progress reports, and other routine matters. The architectural records in this collection are related to the renovation of several of the NRF homes. The materials in this collection are arranged chronologically and alphabetically thereunder.

Duke Family papers on the Duke Farms residence, 1859-2004

341 Linear Feet 41,880 Items
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Duke Farms, a 2,700 acre estate located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, was developed by James Buchanan (J.B.) Duke beginning in 1893. After J.B. Duke's death in 1925, Doris Duke inherited the property. Over the course of nearly seven decades she worked to continue the legacy of Duke Farms and introduced environmentally-friendly and innovative farming methods into the operations of Duke Farms and purchased and restored farms and farmstead structures in order to forestall the rapid loss of farmland to urban development. When she died she left the majority of her estate to the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with her expressed wish that Duke Farms be used to drive positive change on a number of key issues regarding the stewardship of the natural environment. The collection is arranged into four series: Administrative Records, Duke Business Office Records, Duke Farms Main Residence Records, and Architectural Records. It spans the years 1859 to 2004, beginning with the early vision and evolution of the estate by James Buchanan (J.B.) Duke, the enhancement and management of the estate by Doris Duke after she inherited control of it upon her father's death, and ending with the general upkeep of the estate after Doris Duke's death in 1993. The collection primarily documents the daily operations of running, renovating, and maintaining the Duke Farms estate, and includes daily activity reports, correspondence, notes, and specifications for various architectural projects at Duke Farms, invoices and vouchers for repairs at different buildings on the estate, cattle inventories and cow registrations, financial ledgers and cashbooks, and security ledgers and reports. The architectural records are further arranged into seven sub series and contain a wide assortment of records, including blueprints, diazo prints, site plans, schedules, and maps. The materials document a variety of design, construction, and farm-related activities at Duke Farms.

American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina records, 1960-2020; 1960-ongoing and undated

217.5 Linear Feet (approximately 135,000 items)
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North Carolina affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union, founded in 1965 and based in Raleigh. The records of the American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina (ACLU of N.C.) date from the 1960s to the mid-2000s. The collection is organized into the following series: ACLU Historical Files, Executive Director Files, Legal Program, Audiovisual Material, and Print Material. The files primarily focus on the investigation and prosecution of cases related to civil rights, public education relating to civil liberties, and lobbying for civil liberties and human rights. Materials include correspondence files from the Excecutive Director's office and other units in the ACLU of N.C., thousands of case files; administrative files on cases, operations, and attorney's activities; lobbying and subject files; and printed matter and other records relating to outreach and public education activities. There are also some a/v materials and electronic files. Topics include: the civil rights and legal status of legally under-represented groups such as juveniles and high school students, prisoners, gays, and immigrants; education and academic freedoms; religious freedom and separation of church and state; freedom of expression (including desecration of the flag); racial inequalities and injustices; reproductive rights; women's rights; police misconduct and the legality of search procedures; drug testing and the decriminalization of drugs; voting rights, including issues surrounding reapportionment; and workers' rights, including unionization. There are also files on the Ku Klux Klan, Confederate displays, and right-wing organizations. Many of these issues span decades of ACLU involvement. Researchers consulting case files and any other materials should be aware of privacy laws that govern the publication and use of these records. Acquired as part of the Human Rights Archive at Duke University.

Stephanie Strickland papers, 1955-2024

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Stephanie Strickland is a poet and born-digital writer whose works range from paper to interactive websites. She also teaches and serves on the board of the Electronic Literature Organization. Her papers include journals and anthologies featuring Strickland's poetry; TechnoPoetry Festival materials; schoolwork, college, and graduate papers; posters and programs from events; proofs and drafts of her writings; and audio recordings.
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Glenn Wellington Dobbs papers, 1913-1993

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Glenn Wellington Dobbs was an executive and sales manager for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N.C. Collection includes advertisements, clippings, examples of cigarette packaging, newsletters, photographs, speech materials and other items that document Dobbs's career as a sales manager for R.J. Reynolds. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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Duke University Police Department records, 1955-2001

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The Duke University Police Department provides comprehensive law enforcement and security services to all components of Duke University including the academic campus, a large medical center complex, an 8,000 acre research forest, and a variety of satellite facilities throughout North Carolina. The collection documents the activities and policies of the Police Department. Materials include correspondence, reports, minutes, incident reports, depositions, photographs, the publication Duke Community Safety Report, maps, and other records concerning the operation and activities of the Department. Much of the material relates to parking and traffic problems, complaints, and solutions of the Traffic Committee. Other topics include safety procedures for various campus events and locations including Duke Hospital, internal announcements and administrative matters, and general correspondence. Much of the correspondence is with Paul J. Dumas, director of Duke police from 1971 to 1995. The collection also includes materials pertaining to Duke Police safety measures during basketball championship events, including VHS footage of campus bonfires. The records document the department's commitment to providing a secure and orderly environment for students to learn at Duke University.
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J. Walter Thompson Company. 16mm Microfilm As-Broadcast Scripts, 1928-1958

3 Linear Feet (292 items)
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Founded in 1864, the J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) is one of the oldest and largest enduring advertising agencies in the United States. The J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) 16mm Microfilm As-Broadcast Scripts span the years 1928-1958 and contain transcripts of radio and television dramas and variety shows, news programs, commercials, and sports programming. Companies featured include Andrew Jergens, Ballantine, Brillo, Ciba-Geigy, Fannie Farmer, Ford, General Cigar, J.B. Williams, Kodak, Kraft, Lamont-Corliss (Pond's), the New York Yankees, Penick & Ford (Br'er Rabbit), Standard Brands, the U.S. Marine Corps, and Wrigley. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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Rotary International. District 7710 records, 1920-2012

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Rotary International was established as a men's service organization in Chicago in 1905. This collection contains records relating to Rotary International, District 7710, which includes counties in central North Carolina. Includes the district's conference programs, conference minutes, executive committee minutes, correspondence, directories, policies and procedures. Also includes information about the district's exchange program and various club histories, including numerous club rosters and club bulletins for the Chapel Hill and Raleigh Rotary Clubs. There are also clippings, newsletters, photographs, and slides related to the organization's activities.
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Herbert Clarence Bradshaw papers, 1922-1976

35 Linear Feet (70 boxes.)
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Herbert Clarence Bradshaw (1908-1976) was a white American author, historian, and journalist. This collection documents his personal and professional life through his subject files, which include a great deal of correspondence. A retired editor of the Durham Morning Herald, he was murdered in his home during a series of random shootings in Durham by a single individual in December 1976.
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Duke Chapel records, 1920-2024

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Construction on Duke University Chapel began in 1930, and the building was dedicated in 1935. The Chapel hosts worship services, concerts, festivals, seminars, study groups, and retreats. The collection contains records relating to the operations and activities of Duke Chapel including administrative records, printed exercise programs and bulletins, transcripts of sermons, marriage and baptismal registries, carillon and carillonneur material, and published material relating to Duke University and the Chapel. University Archives staff must be consulted in order to determine what material is covered by the administrative restriction.

Women's Refugee Commission records, 1979-2020; 1979-ongoing, bulk 1989-2011

55.6 Linear Feet 0.92 Gigabytes 36,200 Items
Abstract Or Scope
The Women's Refugee Commission was established in 1989 as part of the International Rescue Committee. It advocates for laws, policies, and programs to improve the lives and protect the rights of refugee and internally displaced women, children, and adolescents. Collection includes audiovisual materials (interviews, Voices of Courage luncheons, and footage and photographs from trips to refugee camps); field and research reports; children, education, and youth program materials; foundation files; former board and commission member files; Reproductive Health program materials and reports; Livelihoods program materials and reports; files from executive directors; subject files; board of directors files; and media binders for the Women's Refugee Commission. Countries represented include Cambodia, Afghanistan, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Thailand, Myanmar, Israel, Guatemala, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Liberia, Kosovo, Iraq, Zambia, Tanzania, the United States, and others. Material predating the founding of the Commission primarily includes photographs from UNHCR and other organizations. Acquired as part of the Human Rights Archive.