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Duke Photography, job number records, 1960-2018

129 Linear Feet
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Duke Photography, formerly called Duke University Photography, was the official photographic service of Duke University. The Duke Photography Records include many of the original photographs taken by the service from the 1960s through the 2010s.
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Women's and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Movements (LGBT) periodicals collection, 1957-2017

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Since the 1960s, and particularly after the Stonewall uprising of 1969, the modern women's rights and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights movements (LGBT) have produced their own magazines, journals, newspapers, and newsletters as a strategy for unifying and galvanizing their constituencies. These periodicals served to inform movement activists about pertinent actions, news stories, and cultural trends unreported by the mainstream media. The Women's and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Periodicals Collection comprises individual issues of periodicals produced by or reporting on organizations involved in the women's rights and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights movements of the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century. Acquired as part of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture.
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10 Percent Box 82

75 Percent Box 80

Ache Box 42

Wright Machinery Company records, 1943-1989

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Manufacturing firm founded in 1893 in Durham, N.C. that produced machinery for the packaging industry. Collection includes articles, brochures, clippings, correspondence, memorabilia, newsletters, photographs and other materials. Materials touch on business acquisition, company events, employee policies, retirements, staff promotions, stock and other issues. Individuals and companies represented in the collection include ACMA, Emhart, John Thomas Dalton, John L. Moorhead, Rexham, Richard Harvey Wright, Richard Harvey Wright II, and Sperry Rand.
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Camilo José Vergara photographs, 1977-2009

5 Linear Feet 87 Items
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Camilo J. Vergara is a documentary photographer, focusing on the evolution of urban spaces. Collection of color prints from Vergara's 2009 National Building Museum exhibit Storefront Churches, with photographs of urban churches, pasters, and murals from cities around the United States. This exhibit was part of a larger collection featured in Vergara's book, How the Other Half Worships.
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Anne Noggle photographs of Soviet airwomen, 1990-1992

2.0 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
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Anne Noggle (1922-2005), aviator, photographer, author, and educator, traveled to Moscow from 1990-1992 to conduct more than seventy interviews and to photograph former Soviet airwomen who served during World War II as pilots, gunners, bombardiers, navigators, and flight crews. The 36 black-and-white portraits in this collection show the women seated and standing, most in a studio setting; they are in civilian clothing and many are wearing their wartime medals and military insignia. The gelatin silver photographs were printed by Noggle and measure 20x24 (8), 16x20 (6), and 11x14 (22) inches. Almost all appear in her book A Dance with Death: Soviet Airwomen in World War II, published in 1994, also held by the library. Acquired as part of the Archive of Documentary Arts at Duke University.
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Jesse Pyrant Andrews photographs and oral histories, 1973-2022

15 Linear Feet (19 boxes) 59 Gigabytes (196 audio files)
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Jesse Pyrant Andrews is an American photographer based in rural southern Virginia. Collection comprises 301 black-and-white photographs and 46 oral history interviews by photographer Jesse Pyrant Andrews, documenting rural and small-town life in the Piedmont region of Virginia and North Carolina. Major themes center on the landscapes and people of the region; tobacco cultivation; the lives of farmers, war veterans, small business owners, and laid-off workers; local architecture and historic sites; traditional crafts and music; and new patterns of economics and society in rural Virginia. Andrews's Veterans Project has become a larger focus over the years; it now comprises over 30 portraits and associated audio interviews, chiefly with veterans of the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Additional projects include materials related to the Carter-Wooding families of southern Virginia; views from an Amtrak train; views of an historic plantation home, Mountainview; and street scenes and portraits taken in New York City, California, and Massachusetts. Acquired as part of the Archive of Documentary Arts at Duke University.
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13-Month Crop: One Year in the Life of a Piedmont Virginia Tobacco Farm, 2000-2001 1.5 Linear Feet

J. Walter Thompson Company. World Advertising Forum (EPCOT) records, 1964-1984 and undated

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Founded in 1864, the J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) is one of the oldest and largest enduring advertising agencies in the United States. It is headquartered in New York. The World Advertising Forum was a meeting, held in 1984 at the EPCOT Center in Florida, of representatives from JWT worldwide offices to share creative ideas and solidify a global creative strategy. Collection includes correspondence, speeches, pamphlets and other printed materials, policy manuals and advertising case histories. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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A brief history of medicine short subject film, 1969

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Short subject film whose sequence of still images encapsulates the evolution of medical knowledge and practices from Neolithic times to the 20th century. The style is sixties psychedelic, with fast-moving sequences and vivid colors. The still images consist of historical scenes, procedures, and individuals significant to the history of medicine, chiefly Western, but there are a few images from Eastern practices. The only sound is music from "Mass in F Minor" by the Electric Prunes rock group (1968). Produced by staff in the Audio Visual Resources at the School of Medicine at Wake Forest University for educational purposes as well as for photographic research. Although the original 16 mm film is restricted, digital copies are available for viewing. Acquired as part of the History of Medicine Collections at Duke University.
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Kenneth Hubbard collection of presidential campaign ephemera, 1788-2020 and undated

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Kenneth Hubbard is an avid collector of United States campaign memorabilia and is also a Duke alum. The Kenneth Hubbard Collection of Presidential Campaign Ephemera consists of printed and artifactural memorabilia from assorted presidential campaigns, dating largely from the late nineteenth century through the present. Items are chiefly relating to the Democratic and Republican political parties, with some materials from the U.S. Socialist Party and the Prohibitionist Party. The majority of the collection consists of buttons, pins, and campaign literature such as pamphlets, newsletters, flyers, and platforms. Arranged by year and candidate name.
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Nora Campbell Chaffin papers, 1835-1981

0.5 Linear Feet 250 Items
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Nora Chaffin was on the history faculty at Duke University from 1935-1944. Her collection contains correspondence, clippings, typescripts, reviews, records, and other materials. Among the papers are review of her book Trinity College and a record book of an unidentified YMCA. The collection ranges in date from 1835-1981.
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Silas Weir Mitchell papers, 1809-1915 and undated

1.2 Linear Feet (2 boxes; 1 oversize folder) 747 Items
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U.S. physician, neurologist, and author. Papers date from 1809-1915 and include correspondence and documents sent to Mitchell relating to matters personal and professional. Transcripts are often present. Principal correspondents include his relative Mitchell Henry, his publisher Frank H. Scott, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jeffries Wyman, Charles-Edouard Brown-Séquard, Louis Agassiz, Elizabeth Cabot Cary Agassiz, Anna Eliot Ticknor, Sir W. T. Gairdner, Louis Lee Lawrence, Charles Leonard Moore, Julian Stafford Corbett, Harrison S. Morris, T. Lauder Brunton, Sir William Osler, and Hideyo Noguchi, among others. A complete list of correspondents is available in the collection. Papers are arranged chronologically. The principal language is English, although there are some letters in French and German. Also includes a set of Mitchell's diplomas. The papers form part of the Trent Manuscripts Collection and were acquired as part of the History of Medicine Collections at Duke University.
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1854-1862 20 items Box 1

1863-1865 18 items Box 1

1866-1868 18 items Box 1

Civil War Manuscripts Map collection, 1861-1865

1 Linear Feet (14 items)
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Sketch maps from the Civil War period representing geographic areas in Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and one unidentified location. These maps chiefly depict roads, waterways, mountain ranges, fortifications, counties, cities, and towns. There are two battlefield maps present, including Bull Run (Va., 1861; a Confederate map) and Spring Hill (Tenn., 1864). Most maps are unsigned; however, there are maps drawn by A. M. Thornton, Barbette Sims, and Edward Fontaine, as well as Confederate Army engineers A. B. DeSaulles and Jeremy F. Gilmer. Primarily drawn in ink on paper or linen cloth. Sizes of maps vary between 24 x 20 cm. and 63 x 60 cm.
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1861: Virginia

1861: Virginia.

1861-1865: Virginia

William Robertson McKenney papers, 1865-1930 and undated, bulk 1880-1900

5.9 Linear Feet 4,440 Items
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Lawyer, of Petersburg, Va. Materials relating to McKenney's law practice (chiefly 1880-1900), and largely concerned with the settlement of estates and the sale of real estate in Petersburg, Va.
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1865-1889 Box 1

1880-1889 4 boxes Box 2, Box 3, Box 4, Box 5

1890-1899 7 boxes Box 6, Box 7, Box 8, Box 9, Box 10, Box 11, Box 12

William Henry Jackson photographs, 1869-1878 and undated

3.2 Linear Feet 130 Items
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William Henry Jackson (1843-1942), was one of the earliest and most important American photographers. From 1869 to 1878 he was official photographer for the U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories. Collection includes 130 photographs and albumen prints, almost all of which Jackson made while employed by the Survey. States represented are Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Photographs are organized in several series by year from 1869 to 1874. Other important photographs include both a series and an album of the area now know as Yellowstone National Park; some of Jackson's photographs were shown to Congress prior to their vote to establish it as the first national park.
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1869 Series 1 box

İzmir (Smyrna) postcards and photographs collection, approximately 1890-1960s

0.25 Linear Feet (1 half-size Hollinger box)
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Collection is a set of postcards (including photograph postcards) from late 19th and 20th century Turkey, depicting scenes and people in İzmir (Smyrna), Turkey. The first folder of postcards have been individually numbered. The subsequent folders list the postcards by titles that are either on the postcards and/or were supplied by the dealer who sold the postcards to the library. The postcards are described in English, French, and Turkish.

Desmond F. Anderson diaries, 29 January 1927 - 31 December 1930

4 Linear Feet (4 volumes)
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Desmond Frances Anderson was Lt. Col. of the 1st Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment in 1927, serving in China and India until 1930. The Desmond F. Anderson diaries comprise 4 volumes (approximately 650 pages) of corrected typescript, accompanied by maps, sketches, postcards, photo postcards, and a few printed items tipped in, all detailing Anderson's service in China and India between 1927 and 1930.
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1927 Box 1

1928 Box 2

1929 Box 3

Campus Telephone Directory collection, 1930-2009

9.5 Linear Feet 200 Items
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This collection contains Duke University campus telephone directories.
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Nicholas School Master's Projects, 1933-2007

82.5 Linear Feet 2400 Items
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As of 2005, the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University offers two master's degree programs: Master of Environmental Management (MEM) and Master of Forestry (MF). Both degree programs require students complete a master's project that presents an in-depth or quantitative analysis of a problem related to the students' particular focus area. Collection contains printed, bound master's projects. Materials range in date 1933-2005. Master's Projects for 2005 are held in the Nicholas School office. English.
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Person Family papers, 1754-1971

6 Linear Feet 3000 Items
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Family active in Louisburg, Franklin Co., N.C. and also in Nash Co., N.C. Correspondence, accounts, diary (1869), bills, deeds, wills, legal documents, and other papers (largely 1829-1897). The bulk of the collection relates to Thomas A. Person and his family, and includes letters written from Harrison Co., Tex., and New Orleans (ca. 1850s); student letters from various North Carolina schools (1835-1860); letters of Confederate soldiers concerning military life; and family and business letters with Civil War reminiscences. The early material mostly concerns Thomas A. Person's father, Presley Carter Person, of Louisburg, N.C., and the settlement of his estate. Later material concerns patent medicines manufactured by a member of the family. Other correspondents and names mentioned include W. P. Montgomery, Harriett Person Perry, Levin Perry, Theophilus Perry, Jesse H. H. Person, Joseph Arrington Person, M. P. Person, and Willie Mangum Person. Addition comprises primarily land deeds and surveys, other deeds of sale, receipts, personal wills, and other financial information. Also includes personal correspondence and memory books. An 1834 deed of gift to John W. Harris from P. C. Person includes five named slaves, one gray horse, 12 head of cattle, and 12 head of sheep. An 1808-1864 ledger book of Presley Person includes Person family genealogy and names and birth dates of his slaves and of the slaves owned by his son, Thomas A. Person. Other names mentioned include Matthew Culpepper, Arthur W. Person, Prudence Person, and W. M. Person.
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1944 Accession, 1767-1910and undated 5 boxes

Kaiser-Frazer Corp. advertising and sales promotion materials, 1945-1976

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Kaiser-Frazer Corp. was an automobile manufacturer based in Willow Run, Mich.; active 1945-1955. Collection includes clippings, advertising designs, dealer aids, prize contest materials, public relations releases, radio scripts, sales brochures and sales promotion campaigns and materials. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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Advertising designs, 1949-1952 Oversize-folder 1