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Joseph Fulton Boyd papers, 1861-1869 and undated

20 Linear Feet 12,356 items and 16 vols.
Abstract Or Scope
Joseph Fulton Boyd was Chief Quartermaster in the Army of the Ohio during the Civil War. Papers relate mainly to Boyd's activities in the Army of the Ohio and the Quartermaster's Dept., operating in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia. Formats include routine correspondence, miscellaneous letters, general orders and circulars, strength reports, consolidated quartermaster reports (1861-1863), account books, forage records, invoice books, records books, and a lecture notebook. Subjects covered include supplies, transportation, civilian labor, and the Secret Service.
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Joseph Fulton Boyd papers, 1861-1869 and undated 20 Linear Feet 12,356 items and 16 vols.

Robert Smith Rodgers papers, 1827-1897 and undated

3.5 Linear Feet Approx. 1,389 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Colonel, 2nd Maryland Eastern Shore Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army. Chiefly Civil War papers belonging to Colonel Robert Rodgers, including military correspondence; telegrams; muster rolls; rosters of officers and staff; lists of deserters, recruits, reenlistments, and voluntary enlistments; reports of sick, wounded, and convalescents; inventories of personal effects of the deceased; hospital and army paroles; morning reports; ordnance returns, invoices, requisitions, issues, and transfers; quartermaster papers; letter book containing routine military correspondence; and general and special orders. After 1863 there are references to African American contrabands. There is also a fragmentary account of the regiment's war experiences concerning the actions in Maryland in 1862 and 1863, including the battle between the U.S.S. Monitor and the C.S.S. Virginia, and in Virginia and West Virginia in 1864. Also included in the collection are papers relating to the Rodgers family of Maryland, including Rodgers's son Robert Slidell Rodgers, practicing law in Missouri following the Civil War.
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Robert Smith Rodgers papers, 1827-1897 and undated 3.5 Linear Feet Approx. 1,389 Items

Charles Wilkes papers, 1816-1876

7 Linear Feet (4,566 items)
Abstract Or Scope
U.S. naval officer and explorer, of Washington, D.C. Family correspondence, chiefly relating to naval cruises of Wilkes and his son, John Wilkes; the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842, to Antarctica, the Pacific Islands, and the Northwest Coast of the U.S., including preliminary planning, the voyage itself with detailed descriptions of places visited, and publishing the results; gold mining and milling in North Carolina; the Civil War; and Wilkes family business ventures in North Carolina; together with legal and financial papers, writings, printed material, clippings, and other papers. Includes correspondence, 1848-1849, with James Renwick (1792-1863) and others.
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Charles Wilkes papers, 1816-1876 7 Linear Feet (4,566 items)

Alfred and Elizabeth Brand Collection of Civil War and Lee Family papers, 1757-1925, bulk 1838-1868

3.4 Linear Feet 100 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Collection consists of two series, Civil War Papers and Lee Family Papers, acquired and assembled by collectors Alfred and Elizabeth Brand. Materials relate to the Lee family, including Francis Lightfoot Lee, Henry Light Horse Harry Lee, Richard Henry Lee, and Robert E. Lee, as well as Civil War history, including battle reports, correspondence between Confederate and Union leaders and officers (such as Braxton Bragg, Jefferson Davis, William T. Sherman, and Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson), presidential pardons and oaths of allegiance, and some printed materials.
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Johnson, J.E., Gen., General Order No. 18, 1865 April 27 1 item Box 1

Patricia Murphy Derian papers, 1962-2008 and undated

15.3 Linear Feet Approximately 10,175 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Patricia Murphy Derian is an activist, organizer, researcher, and served as the first Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights (HR) and Humanitarian Affairs (HA), a bureau of the executive branch created in 1977 during the Carter Administration. The papers of Patricia M. Derian cover the years 1962-2007 and document Derian's involvement and interventions concerning international human rights, and to a lesser extent, civil liberties and women's rights. The collection comprises Derian's personal notes; correspondence with state officials, friends and human rights activists; unclassified State Department documents; reports; interviews; memorabilia; and news clippings. These and other materials provide valuable insights to the history of human rights activism and major cases of human rights violations from the early 1970s up to the second term of the George W. Bush administration. The scope of Derian's papers is extensive, covering the history of human rights movements and national policies and politics since the early 1970s in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Topics include U.S. foreign and military policies, repercussions of those policies, and disappearances, torture and other forms of violation of human rights. Derian's papers include subject files on Argentina, El Salvador, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, South Korea, Vietnam, and Middle Eastern countries, as well as smaller files on sixteen other countries. Many of these country files cover several decades of information and analysis. Especially significant are documents concerning U.S.-El Salvador and U.S.-Argentina relations during the 1970s and 1980s. Other topics in the collection include women's rights, women in public office, and civil rights movements in the U.S., especially in Mississippi. Acquired as part of the Human Rights Archive at Duke University.
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General Files Subseries, 1962-2007

James King Wilkerson papers, 1820-1929 and undated

1.5 Linear Feet Approx. 896 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Confederate soldier, member of the 55th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Co. K; and farmer, from Granville County, N.C. The papers of James King Wilkerson and his family date from 1820 to 1929, and consist of Civil War correspondence, a number of almanacs used as diaries, copybooks, and a few other miscellaneous papers, including a genealogical sketch. There is correspondence by Lillie Wilkerson and Luther Wilkerson, James' children, discussing social life and customs, illnesses and hospitals, employment, and personal matters; and several letters from a soldier in France during World War I. There are also two early issues of the Berea, N.C. Gazette, one from 1876, with comments on the Hayes-Tilden election, and one from shortly thereafter. The Civil War letters, written by James Wilkerson to his family, contain references to the C.S.S. Virginia, detailed descriptions of marches, comments on crop conditions as he moved from place to place, his Civil War service around Petersburg, Virginia, late in the war, and his stay in the General Hospital at Greensboro, N.C. in 1865.
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James King Wilkerson papers, 1820-1929 and undated 1.5 Linear Feet Approx. 896 Items

United States Army materials relating to the American Civil War, 1860s-1890s

0.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The United States Army, also referred to as the Northern, Union, or Federal army, fought against the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. This collection was assembled by Rubenstein Library out of miscellaneous and disparate archival and manuscript collections, including: U.S. Army units and regimental records, inventories, and orders; as assorted letters and correspondence from various Army soldiers and officers; maps, letterheads, and blank forms, all created or produced during the Civil War era. Many materials relate to troop movements; inventories of supplies, equipment, troops, and food; enlistment, pay, and service histories of various members of the U.S. Army; activities of particular regiments; action or battles against the Confederacy; examples of personal letters to and from soldiers' family members; reports and summaries of war conditions in Southern territories (poverty and hunger in Southern towns, destruction and seizure of property, and the difficult circumstances facing newly-freed Black populations); and other assorted bureaucratic and administrative Army records.
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Department of North Carolina general orders, 1865 Box 1

Harry L. and Mary K. Dalton collection, 1695-1955 and undated

80.5 Linear Feet approx. 11,160 Items
Abstract Or Scope
Harry L. and Mary K. Dalton collected art, rare books, and manuscripts, and made many contributions to art museums and libraries, most notably the Duke University Library, the Mint Museum, and the library of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Dalton Collection is comprised of sub-collections acquired by Harry L. and Mary K. Dalton.
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Picture Collection, after 1860

George Wesley Johnson papers, 1829-1939, bulk bulk

10 Linear Feet (7 boxes, 2,620 items and 77 vols.)
Abstract Or Scope
Correspondence, daybooks, in the early 1840s, ledgers, notebooks, accounts, bills, receipts, orders, promissory notes, postal records, and other papers (chiefly 1831-1888) of George Wesley Johnson and of his family. The material pertains to Tennessee agriculture, purchases of goods in Philadelphia and other northern cities before and after the Civil War, Wake Forest College, the University of North Carolina, Greensboro Female College, economic conditions after the Civil War, and the mercantile activities of the Johnsons.
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George Wesley Johnson papers, 1829-1939, bulk bulk 10 Linear Feet (7 boxes, 2,620 items and 77 vols.)

Jarratt-Puryear family papers, 1807-1918, bulk 1843-1879, bulk 1843-1879

3 Linear Feet (6 boxes, 2,349 items (including 4 vols.))
Abstract Or Scope
Collection contains chiefly correspondence relating to the Clingman, Jarratt, Poindexter, and Puryear families, early settlers of Surry County, N.C., together with a genealogical table. Subjects include the slave trade between North Carolina and Alabama, 1830-1835; North Carolina during the Civil War and Reconstruction, conditions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prior to the war, plantation accounts, the distillation and sale of whiskey, and business affairs. Correspondents include William James Bingham, John Adams Gilmer, and Zebulon Vance.
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Jarratt-Puryear family papers, 1807-1918, bulk 1843-1879, bulk 1843-1879 3 Linear Feet (6 boxes, 2,349 items (including 4 vols.))