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McCann-Erickson Audiovisual collection, 1980s-1990s and undated

75 Linear Feet 3000 Items
Abstract Or Scope
McCann-Erickson, founded in 1930 from the merger of Alfred Erickson's and Harry McCann's agencies, is one of the largest advertising agencies in the United States. It is part of the Interpublic Group. The McCann-Erickson Audiovisual Collection spans the 1980s and 1990s and consists of over 700 videocassette tapes of commercials for domestic, international and global advertising campaigns. Also included are tapes of competitor commercials; interviews with agency and industry leaders and marketing specialists; and presentations. Advertisers include: Apple computer; Bayer; Benson & Hedges; Buick; Calvin Klein; Camel (R.J. Reynolds); Coca-Cola; Del Monte; Exxon; Heineken; Kodak; Levi Strauss; Nestlé; Oxo; and Suntory. The bulk of materials consist of advertisements for campaigns in the United States, but Brazil, Japan and Germany are also heavily represented, as are commercials for Europe-wide campaigns. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.

Paula Green papers, 1940-2013 and undated

90.00 Linear Feet
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Advertising executive at Doyle Dane Bernbach and Paula Green Advertising, based in New York. Collection includes correspondence, photographs, slides, audiovisual materials in multiple formats (VHS and Umatic videocassettes; audio cassettes; phono records; optical discs, audio and video tape reels, 16mm film), market research reports and financial reports, print advertisements, storyboards, musical scores, cookbooks and other printed materials. Companies represented in the collection include American Cancer Society, Burlington Industries, CBS radio, Chemstrand, Doyle Dane Bernbach, General Foods, Goya Foods, Hathaway shirts, Heinz, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, Green Dolmatch, L.C. Gumbinner, New York Times, Paula Green Advertising, Quaker Oats, Seventeen Magazine, Sterling National Bank, Subaru, and the U.S. Public Health Service. Materials cover commercial products and advocacy campaigns for breast cancer awareness, self-examination and prevention, tobacco use and antismoking programs. Most materials are in English; however some items exist in French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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Nicole Di Bona Peterson Collection of Advertising Cookbooks, 1850s-2000s

126.75 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Joseph Di Bona is Associate Professor Emeritus in the Program in Education at Duke University. The collection is named in honor of his daughter Nicole Di Bona Peterson. Collection spans the years 1851-2005 and includes hang tags, inserts, recipe cards and guides, cookbooks, operating instructions, owner's manuals and other promotional materials addressed to cooking and kitchen arts. Materials in the collection were used to educate consumers and promote the use of a variety of foods (meat; fish and poultry; dairy; soups; fruits and vegetables; beverages); condiments and spices (sauces, bouillon and broths, chocolate and cocoa, baking soda and baking powder); canning jars; small appliances (cookware, blenders, mixers, microwave ovens); and large appliances (stoves and refrigerators). In addition cookbooks were produced to promote various institutions and trade organizations representing various agricultural cooperatives, insurance and utility companies, churches and government bureaus. Included in the cookbooks are articles addressing health and nutrition, home economics, entertaining at home, along with information on first aid, food science (safe handline of meat and dairy, how leavening ingredients work, etc.). Companies represented in the collection include A.E. Staley, Armour, Best Foods, Borden, Campbell's, Carnation, Del Monte, Duke Power, Fleischmann's, French's, General Electric, General Foods, General Mills, Heinz, Hershey, Jell-O, Kellogg's, Kraft, Land O'Lakes, Lever Brothers, Lipton, Metropolitan Life, Nestlé, Oster, Pet Milk, Pillsbury, Procter & Gamble, Purina, Quaker Oat, Sealtest, Swift, Walter Baker and West Bend. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising and Marketing History.
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J. Walter Thompson Company. Competitive Advertisements, 1955-1997

550.0 Linear Feet
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Founded in 1864, the J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) is one of the oldest and largest enduring advertising agencies in the United States.
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John Benjamin Harris papers, 1955-1991 and undated

2.1 Linear Feet 790 Items
Abstract Or Scope
John Benjamin Harris is Professor Emeritus of Management and Marketing at Virginia State University. He pioneered governmental and commercial awareness of African American advertising markets and, in the 1970s, became the Director of the Virginia State Office of Minority Business Enterprise and Special Assistant to the Governor for Minority Enterprise. The John Benjamin Harris Papers span the years 1955-1991 and include scholarly articles, corporate reports and proposals, product labels, 16mm film reels, and audio tapes. Materials represent Harris' academic and professional work at New York University and Virginia State University as well as his work for the Virginia State Office of Minority Business Enterprise. Topics touched on in the collection include minority business enterprises; minority markets and minorities (especially African Americans) as consumers; and African American mass media. In addition, the collection reflects Harris' work for the advertising industry with employers including Cunningham & Walsh, Inc., the Leo Burnett Company, Inc., and the Ted Bates Company. Brands represented include Alka-Seltzer (Miles Laboratories), Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, Cleveland Electric, Eastman Kodak, Pillsbury, and Schlitz.
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Franco-American Box 2

Campbell's Box 2

Consumer Reports. Audiovisual materials, 1940-2022 and undated

90.00 Linear Feet 4.4 Terabytes 4,505 Files
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Consumer Reports is a product testing and consumer advocacy nonprofit organization based in Yonkers, N.Y., founded in 1936. The audiovisual materials collection consists of non-print materials in a variety of formats: audio cassettes and tape reels; film; optical disks; phonograph disks; videocassettes and video reels. Materials document a range of activities at Consumer Reports, including: Consumer Reports' radio and television productions; footage of product testing; appearances of Consumer Reports personnel on news programs; mentions of Consumer Reports in the media; press releases and other publicity; recordings of staff and Board meetings and staff speeches; and taped testimonies. The collection also contains some microfilmed documents and digitized elements of Consumer Reports' publications. Acquired as part of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History.
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Celebrity Cookware, 2018 Digital-materials RL11802-SET-0013, Video-file

W. Eugene Smith Reference CD collection, 1946-1971

50 Linear Feet
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The W. Eugene Smith Reference Reference CD Collection includes 5,087 compact discs containing audio originally recorded to quarter-inch open reel tape by photographer W. Eugene Smith. Smith recorded the bulk of the 1,740 reels represented in this collection between 1957 and 1971, while living in the "Jazz Loft" at 821 Sixth Avenue in New York City. The original tapes are housed in the W. Eugene Smith Collection at the University of Arizona's Center for Creative Photography.
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Reel 363, 1961 March 31

J. Walter Thompson Company. International Advertisements collection, 1900-2006

43 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT), founded in 1864, is one of the oldest and largest enduring advertising agencies in the world. It opened its first international office in London in 1899, and by 1930 the agency had established offices in some 30 countries. At present, JWT manages offices or partnership arrangements in approximately 90 countries. The J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT) International Advertisements Collection spans the years 1900-2004 and consists primarily of print advertisements, along with some transparencies, photocopies of advertising, and other collateral material that document some of JWT's international advertising campaigns through the 20th century. Clients include a variety of local, national and multinational commercial firms, as well as government institutions and public service organizations. The holdings of the collection are uneven, with the bulk of the advertisements dating from the mid-1960s up to about 1990. There are limited early advertisements from Chesebrough-Pond's, General Motors, and other clients dating from the late 1920s and early 1930s in print and on microfilm from the various offices established during those years. There are almost no international advertisements from roughly 1933 to the middle of the 1950s. The United Kingdom, the British Commonwealth countries, and Latin America account for most of the advertisements from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s. While the holdings since about 1980 are much larger than earlier holdings, they are by no means complete, and vary substantially from office to office. Key multinational clients represented in the collection include Chesebrough-Pond's, Eastman Kodak, Ford, General Motors, Kraft, IBM, Pepsi, R.J. Reynolds, and Unilever. English translations of foreign-language advertisements are often provided by JWT's Asian and Pacific Offices. European and Latin American Offices provided translations far less frequently. Advertisements for members of the British Commonwealth are generally available in English only or in both English and the local language. Spanish-language advertisements produced by JWT offices in the United States, intended for the domestic Spanish-speaking population as well as for Latin America, may be found in the J. Walter Thompson Company Domestic Advertisements Collection.
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J. Walter Thompson Company. International Advertisements collection, 1900-2006 43 Linear Feet