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Max Belcher photographs, 1969-1998

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Using These Materials


Researchers must register and agree to copyright and privacy laws before using this collection.

All materials in the collection are available for study and research in the Library, except those specifically designated as access-restricted. At present, the only access-restricted materials are the five exhibition quality, fine prints from the project "American People: Portraits of the Philadelphia Community in the Dominican Republic." Patrons may view these images rendered as exhibition images. If, upon viewing these exhibition images, a patron identifies a specific need to view the corresponding fine prints (e.g., for consideration for an exhibition), Library staff can permit the patron to view the fine prints.

All or portions of this collection may be housed off-site in Duke University's Library Service Center. The library may require up to 48 hours to retrieve these materials for research use.


The copyright interests in this collection have not been transferred to Duke University. For more information, consult the copyright section of the Regulations and Procedures of the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

All items in the collection are open to researchers except five exhibition-quality prints from the project "American People: Portraits from the Philadelphia Community in the Dominican Republic." Photocopies of each of these prints have been placed with the color photographs in the subseries for study by Library patrons.

Publishing requests should be directed to Mr. Belcher, who retains the copyright on all materials in this collection. Stipulations regarding the exhibition and reproduction of materials in the photography series vary according to the type of image in question, and are summarized below. The designation of specific images as professional, exhibition, study, reading-room-only or undesignated images may be determined by consulting Mr. Belcher's notes on individual photographs and contact sheets.

Professional and Exhibition Images

Exhibition: Request permission from Mr. Belcher.

Reproduction: The Library may make viewing copies, photocopies or slides for the purposes of research, teaching, private study or scholarly illustration.

Study Images

Exhibition: May be used in exhibitions only within the Library itself, and only when appropriate language is used to describe the place of these study images within Mr. Belcher'soeuvre.

Reproduction: The Library may make viewing copies, photocopies or slides for the purposes of research, teaching, private study or scholarly illustration.

Reading-Room-Only and Undesignated Images

Exhibition: These images may not be exhibited within or beyond the Library at any time whatsoever.

Reproduction: Pen and ink renditions of images so marked are the only allowable form of reproduction. Reading-room-only and undesignated images may not be reproduced in any photographic, electronic or digital form, or by other means for any purpose whatsoever.

Contact Sheets

Specific images on contact sheets have been identified as professional, study, or reading-room-only images, or remain undesignated. Stipulations on exhibition and reproduction of individual contact sheet images are dependent on the specific designation of the images in question.

Exhibition-Quality, Fine Prints

Exhibition: These prints may be displayed within or beyond the Library, at the Library's discretion.

Reproduction: Selected fine prints in this collection are restricted from general research use and thus are not to be reproduced. However, these images are duplicated in the collection as exhibition images, which may be reproduced according to the stipulations above. Requests for fine prints not in the Library's possession for use in exhibition, as well as requests for reproductions of fine prints for publication, should be directed to Mr. Belcher.

Register online to request material for use in our reading room and track the status of your requests. Requests for material must be made 2 full business days in advance of your visit. Most of our collections are stored at the Library Service Center, our off-site repository.

[Identification of item], Max Belcher photographs, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.